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By: Ac Realty  09-12-2011
Keywords: Wall, Home Maintenance, Air Exchange Systems

This innovative new generation home for First Nations is affordable, compliant with the National Building Codes, meets CMHC standards and criteria, addresses the
healthier environment home (mold and mildew issue) and
is more durable than other previous homes offered.

When a home builder builds a 3 bedroom home, it is normally designed for 4 to 6 people. However, because
of the First Nation culture and the larger family units, the same 3 bedroom homes are usually inhabited by families
of 6 to 12 people. Due to this realization, air exchange systems are included in all of our homes to accommodate
a healthier living environment for 6 to 12 people. The air exchange system is placed in strategic locations throughout the home with a centrally located humidistat.

A ceiling fan increases air movement within the home to assist in controlling condensation, which addresses the mold and mildew problems that continue to be critical health issues for First Nations People. All walls, including the interior, have 3/8" OSB (oriented standard board) installed prior to drywall applications, which in turn strengthens the wall and prevents damage. The sub floor, 3/4 T&G, is glued and screwed to the joist. Then an underlay of 3/8" fir plywood applied and finally ceramic tile is installed throughout the entire home. Ceramic tiles are designed to out-endure linoleum and carpet, thus reducing another home maintenance issue.

Other features include: one-piece tub and shower, metal exterior doors, wooden interior doors, pot lights on the exterior, and ceiling hugger type light fixtures in the interior of the home. A "General Home Maintenance Plate" is installed on the wall in the utility room on the main floor, which tells the homeowner some of the general maintenance items that should be performed throughout the different seasons.

The confidence we have in this "innovative home" permits
us to offer a warranty program that covers workmanship and material - a warranty program like no other home builder has offered to the First Nation Housing market. Although this home was designed with the health and maintenance issues that plague First Nations and their homes, this same home is offered to all developmental agencies and the general public.

Keywords: Air Exchange Systems, Home Maintenance, Wall