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By: Toontown Heating & Cooling  09-12-2011
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ToonTown Heating & Cooling carries a trusted line of quality manufactured products for your heating and cooling needs. The York line of heating and cooling systems has been designed with homeowners in mind, with energy efficiency, quiet operation, even-air-flow and moisture control, competitive pricing and some of the best warranties in the business being the elements that have made York an industry leader.


  • 80 & 95+% AFUE Constant Speed Modulating Models
  • Fully modulating from 35% - 100% for precision comfort tuning (9.M Models)
  • Fully modulating from 50% - 100% for precision comfort tuning (8.M Models)
  • Modulates at 1% increments to allow for exact temperature control
  • Constant speed blower motor quietly delivers heated air throughout the home

Air Conditioners

  • 13 SEER
  • R-22 or R-410A Refrigerant
  • Ultra quiet
  • Corrosion-resistant MicroChannel coil
  • Compact size

Water Heaters

ToonTown Heating & Cooling have a number of water heaters available for home-use, each of which is known for their efficiency and quality.

John Wood

John Wood water heaters are recognized across the industry for their innovative design and exceptional reliability. Backed by a manufacturing history of more than 150 years, these water heaters are specifically designed for the water heating needs of professional installers. 


Rheem is a leading North American producer of water heaters. Their tankless water heaters are one of their most popular lines, with continuous hot water, energy saving design, self diagnostic program, intelligent electronic controls and sensors and digital display for temperature setting and maintenance code being some of the key features.


The Rinnai tankless water heater is a more efficient way to heat water because you aren’t heating and reheating the same water again and again. With a Rinnai tankless water heater, you only pay to heat water when you need it and for as long as you want it.


White Rodgers

Relative humidity is a measure of how much moisture is currently in the air of your home compared to how much moisture the air could hold at the current temperature. Heating your indoor air during cooler months sucks the moisture out of the air. A humidifier is used to create the optimum relative humidity for your home. This results in a cleaner and more comfortable home environment.

Many factors affect the kind of humidifier you should choose, which is why ToonTown Heating & Cooling offers a variety of White Rodgers humidifiers. We work with you to help choose the right mode for your home and needs.

Electronic Air Filters

Electronic Air Filters keep the air in your home clean and fresh. They ensure that particles, germs and impurities are trapped before they reach and air and surfaces of your home. These air filters can remove up to 90% of the impurities from the air in your home.

Finding the right electronic air filter is what ToonTown Heating & Cooling will help you to do. We offer a variety of Honeywell and White Rodgers Electronic Air Filters.

Sheet Metal

ToonTown Heating & Cooling has access to a wide range of sheet metal for the design, fabrication and repair of ductwork and fittings. Our sheet metal is also suited for use in mechanical and ventilation systems.

Gas Fitting

ToonTown Heating & Cooling is a qualified natural gas contractor. Call us to have one of our professional gas fitters install any of your gas powered appliances. 

Energy Saving Tips

The key to achieving energy savings in your home is a house-wide energy efficiency plan. Energy efficiency not only makes your home more comfortable all year round, they can result in long-term financial rewards. Reduced utility bills mean a high efficiency furnace or air conditioner pay for themselves over a period of years.


ToonTown Heating & Cooling is capable of servicing both commercial and residential clients with their heating and cooling needs. Our qualified, highly trained staff has your best interests in mind. We work with you to determine which system will meet your heating or cooling and budgetary needs. 

Our service doesn’t end with the installation of your new heating or cooling system. We provide maintenance for all products sold. For clients who prefer to do-it-yourself, we provide maintenance training so you can maintain your own heating and cooling products.

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