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By: The Saskatoon Colostrum Company  09-12-2011
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Colostrum Products

Bovine colostrum is the natural first food for newborn calves. It is the mechanism by which immunity is transferred from the mother to the calf soon after birth. Colostrum is the only immediate source of important life saving immune and growth factors, well as nutrients, and is essential for calf survival and long term health.

Bovine colostrum collected from healthy dairy cows contains many of the same ingredients as are found in the colostrum of other species, including humans and pet animals. In man and pet animals many factors found in colostrum work in concert and have been reported to provide an impressive range of benefits and at all stages of life, including:

  • boosting as well as balancing the immune system,
  • protecting and repairing intestinal tissue,
  • preventing or repairing cellular damage caused by drugs, such as NSAIDs and some cancer therapeutic drugs,
  • reducing allergies and autoimmune diseases,
  • fighting bacterial and viral invaders,
  • stimulating tissue repair,
  • increasing lean muscle development while reducing body fat,
  • improving liver function,
  • reducing the effects of aging and tissue damage, and
  • promoting the health of gums, skin, and hair.

As such it is a potent and effective supplement that is widely used to enhance immune function, prevent a variety of diseases, and improve physical condition and stamina.

Keywords: Dairy Cows

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