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By: Text2car  09-12-2011
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Text2Car is a wireless solution provider in automotive control and monitoring. With an installed Text2Car device a user can, with any model cell-phone, send a text message to their vehicle and remotely start or unlock their doors from any distance, from anywhere. In the case of an attempted break-in or car-jacking, the owner will receive a text message alert on their mobile. The Unit’s internal GPS receiver performs vehicle location mapping and speed notification displayed right on the user’s mobile phone or PC. The user can also send basic text message commands to: disable the ignition, close a sunroof or pop the trunk using any brand of cellular telephone or from an internet-accessible PC.

The User can log-in to the Text2Car website and schedule when they want their vehicle to start. For example: Start at 4:45 pm every weekday, so the car is warm when the user finishes work at 5:00 pm, but not on every second Friday (day off).

A user can, by sending a text message: start and pre-warm or pre-cool their vehicle just after their plane landed, about to leave a movie or hockey game or mall.

Keywords: vehicle