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By: Projectline Solutions  09-12-2011

SAP Business One offers:

  • Accounting and financials, including basic cost accounting and monitoring of costs, budget management, banking, payment processing, financial reporting and multicurrency support
  • Sales and customer relationship management, such as service call tracking, opportunity management, sales quotes and orders, and invoicing
  • Purchasing and operations including production orders, accounts payable invoices, purchase proposals, orders and deliveries, goods receipts and material requirements planning
  • Inventory and distribution, including items management and queries, sotck transactions and transfers between warehouses, inventory revaluation, serial number management and price lists
  • Reporting and administration, with employee directory and workflows, search assistance, data migration and archiving, remote support, and integration with Crystal Reports software.

For More Information:

Distributors often have trouble accurately tracking inventory.  Communication between departments can be a problem, especially with multiple warehouses and systems of paperwork, and managers can be left using guesswork based on last month's information to set inventory levels.  Without accurate information, it's impossible to give customers reliable information about when their order will arrive.

ProjectLine provides inventory tracking tools that tell you, up-to-the minute, where your inventory is and how quickly it's moving, providing price histories and updates, alternate items and profit margins.  The system is set up to serve all departments and share information seamlessly between them.  Returns become part of the purchasing process, allowing you to react quickly to damaged shipments and creating an audit trail.  It can also connect you with your suppliers, showing when a shipment will be short before the boxes arrive.  Customer interactions are managed in one place, alerting sales, for example, if an item they are ordering is running low.  Financial information is integrated as well, so that the company balance sheet is always current.  Automating this way also accommodates complex operations, such as drop shipping.

The benefits are a more efficient distribution process, more accountable departments, happier customers and a healthier balance sheet.  Inventory managers can set stock levels based on real information that predicts demand, rather than reacting to it.  Having all the information in one place lets you identify waste and eliminate it quickly and easily.

In manufacturing inventory levels are key.  Without knowing what components you have, where they are, and how long it will take you to get more, it's impossible to plan new jobs and effectively serve your customers.  If you can't easily compile costs, estimates and invoices can be inaccurate, and take hours to prepare.

ProjectLine applications make updated information about parts and suppliers instantly accessible, showing when shipment will be short or when you're stockpiling too many of a certain item.  The real costs of processes are easy to see with applications that integrate financial information, allowing you to comparison shop between suppliers using updated pricing, see job histories, and check the status of invoices.  Customer relationship management software helps you manage deadlines, set priorities and provide the right information.

Automation creates a more efficient manufacturing process, a streamlined warehouse with enough of the right items and none of the wrong ones, a happier customer with realistic expectations of performance, and a balance sheet that is easy to analyze and manage.

Companies that move from project to project face a special set of challenges.  Estimates are time consuming, between looking for updated costs and checking the upcoming work schedule.  Once the project begins, there are often many work teams to coordinate, and it can be difficult to get those teams working together and communicating effectively.  Keeping track of deadlines, staying on task and tracking team progress can mean serious administrative work.

ProjectLine applications address these challenges with special billing functions that show past performance and updated costs for generating estimates, and time tracking and scheduling software to generate realistic deadlines.  Our systems prioritize fast and clear communication, giving project managers the ability to check progress as it happens and adjust priorities.

The result is a streamlined project management process, from first contact with the customer through estimates, planning, execution and invoicing.  Project managers can cut back on administration and focus on outcomes, saving time and money.

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