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By: Pm Signs & Electric  09-12-2011
Keywords: Petroleum, Signage, Bucket Trucks

- We are well versed in all facete of commercial and petroleum construction with over 40 years of experience.

- We are a certified Computrol distributo and service provider.

- Our highly skilled cardlock technicians are knowledgeable in all cardlock systems including configuration, maintenance and installation.

- PM is involved in the design, construction and supply of complete stand alone generator powered card lock skid tanks designed for oilfield applications

- We also work on Skid Mounted Lube and refueling facilities used in the mining industry.

- With numerous years of experience in the Petroleum Industry, PM Electric has all the tools and know-how to offer all types of Petroleum based electrical maintenance.

- We have veeder-root certified technicians and our staff is familiar with all types of petroleum based electrical equipment.

- We are equipped with boom and bucket trucks that can extend to 80 feet and can provide service for all your indoor and outdoor lighting needs.

- PM can provide all your pariking lot lighting needs including in-house custom light pole manufacturing.

- Low energy exterior lighting conversions and installation.

- We offer electrical maintenance for commercial, industrial, residental, and corporate customers.

- With our interactive online work order system, clients can monitor the status of their work orders online.

- PM is well versed in data cabling such as CAT 5 installations and networking.

- We offer individual backlit LED channel letters, in all shapes and sizes or colors.

- 3D routered lettering in a variety of materials including foam, aluminum, wood.

- PM also provides digital printing for front of building signage, pylons, etc

- We also make pole signs and pylon signs; this is great when you want to stand out from the rest!!

- As well if you already have a pylon sign, we can produce replacement panels

- Other types of custom signage we provide is architectural, sand blasted, cabinet signs, fascia signs, marquee signs, vinyl signs and awnings.

- Service all commercial signage

- Working on swing stages, boom or bucket trucks at high heights

- Skeleton neon (exposed, its not in a sign, it is the sign)

- Neon lit channel letters

- Formed into custom designs

- We can make it so it has a halo effect

- We can also do the service on neon

- Window displays

- Ideal for you store and window signage

- Building accent tubing

- Working on swing stages, boom or bucket trucks at high heights

- Flashing or moving Neon signage (not available in Calgary)

- Time and temperature units

- Message centers

- Scotch border pylon signs (this is a pylon sign that has neon around)

- Lock forming (different shapes and sizes, could be logos, etc)

- LED / Manual price changers

- Monument signage

- Drive thru menu signs

- Bill boards

- Upgrade manual price changers too LED price changers

- LED Gas price signage (pylon)

- Manual Gas price signage (pylon)

- We work with Yesco and Daktronic systems

- Monochromatic (single color) and full color

- Upgrade message centers

- We can offer to program graphic content for the unit

- Time and emperature units

- Animated

- Resolution varies depends on your needs

- Manufacturing of custom backlit signage and pylons

- Welding custom sheet metal, aluminum and steel work

- Computer generated router letters

- Replacing ballast and bulbs in signs and lights

- Parking lot/security lighting

- Price changers

Keywords: Bucket Trucks, Petroleum, Signage

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