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By: Petrotag  09-12-2011
Keywords: tank, Exterior Display

PT400 Exterior Display is typically mounted on the main backboard close to the tank fill pipes. It is used to initiate measurements which provide operators/truckers with tank content information before, during and after filling operations. It is housed in a rugged weather proof enclosure. This exterior display supports up to 16 tanks. It measures: height, volume, ullage, and temperature corrected volume. During fill monitoring, it measures ullage, volume and height. The LED display shows the user: “SPILL”, “CAUTION”, “DANGER” and indicate “LOW N2”. The large keypad allows gloves to be used when pressing keys. It can also may be configured to allow only one tank to be in fill monitoring at a time or to allow multiple tanks to be filled at a time. The exterior display can be set up to work with on site pump shutdown units, refusing to allow pumps to operate until Fill Monitoring is entered.

Keywords: Exterior Display, tank,

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PT400 Installation and Maintenance | Petrotag Technologies

The PT 400 Nitrogen Bottle is monitored by software that alerts the site maintainer when refills are required. Preventative maintenance visits are recommended to begin around the 5th year and every 2 years there after. A typical site will need a refill of nitrogen every 3-6 months depending on the sample rate. We work in partnership with electricians on the rough in of the site. Petrotag team installs and calibrates the system.


PT400 Interior Display | Petrotag Technologies

It is a full function operator interface which permits system configuration as well as normal measurement operations. The interior display can also be used to store historical data for inventory reconciliation and alarm event reviews. PetroTAG 400 systems can be configured to work with multiple interior or exterior displays. PT400 Interior Display consists of an application program running on a personal computer.


PT400 Controller | Petrotag Technologies

It contains the intrinsically safe barriers and reads the status of the high level float switches and the temperature sensors. It is installed on a backboard with a manifold enclosure and other centralized system components. It contains the pressure transducer, the microprocessor and all related circuitry. The electronics enclosure is weather tight and suitable for outdoor installation.


PT400 | Petrotag Technologies

Each system consists of controller with electronics, a manifold and nitrogen supply, pneumatic tubing, in-tank probes and one or more interfaces. PetroTag 400 tank gauging system can measure temperature corrected height, volume, mass and density with a single sensor probe. It contains the intrinsically safe barriers and reads the status of the high level float switches and the temperature sensors.


PT400 Manifold | Petrotag Technologies

The manifold contains the pressure bars and valves which allow pressurization of the pneumatic lines leading to the in tank probes. It contains a heater assembly and has proven reliable even in the extreme conditions of the Canadian Artic. The nitrogen supply for the system is controlled through a regulator which feeds the manifold assembly. The manifold enclosure is weather tight and is typically installed outdoors.