Millennium III | Acquisition

By: Millennium Iii  09-12-2011

Market knowledge

At Millennium III we use our industry connections and years of experience to locate and secure quality properties in growth areas. Ideal acquisition targets feature characteristics such as

  • Strategic location
  • Quality tenants
  • Buildings that require refurbishing
  • Lower than market rents
  • Distressed or absentee ownership
  • Low cost relative to market

Millennium III carries out extensive market research to identify opportunities for growth. We target properties we believe will benefit from upcoming neighborhood redevelopment, infrastructure investment, and zoning changes.

Once we have identified a property that meets our criteria, the acquisition team carries out thorough due diligence, ensuring the leases are in order, there are no legal encumbrances, and the property is environmentally and structurally sound.

Project Financing

Our long standing relationships with various financial institutions help us secure financing for multimillion-dollar projects quickly, which can be of great advantage when purchasing real estate. Our large portfolio enables Millennium III to negotiate mortgages with better rates and terms than those available to individual investors.

In the current economic climate, where credit is restricted or unavailable to many businesses and investors, we are proud to be a preferred client of many of Western Canada's major financial institutions.

Other products and services from Millennium Iii


Millennium III | Syndication

In the initial years of the project, costs associated with syndication services and property improvement are factored into the equity requirement for the partnership, thereby providing tax relief to investors. We facilitate our syndications by performing all the services necessary to set up and maintain property owning limited partnerships.


Millennium III | Asset Management

The Millennium III Group of Companies provides a comprehensive asset management service, allowing our partners to benefit from a worry-free, appreciating investment. As representatives of the property owners.


Millennium III | Investor Relations

Every year, at the annual meeting of each partnership, we welcome investors to meet with us to discuss activity at the property and the performance of their investment. Over half of our limited partners own multiple interests in a number of projects, with some of the earliest investors regularly participating in our new projects. Repeat investors purchased the majority of the available units.