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PVC (vinyl) Fencing and Railing from Metro Contracting Inc

By: Metro Contracting Inc  13-02-2011
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Frequently Asked Questions
Our PVC vinyl fence extrusion products are made in the USA

What vinyl made of?

The base ingredient is a rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) homopolymer compound with a high level of titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment for long term, ultraviolet (UV) light resistance and impact modifiers for superior strength. The formulation is similar to that of high quality vinyl siding and windows, which have a proven history of long-term durability and structural integrity.

What is the warranty on our vinyl?

Our products carry a Non Pro Rated Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. This warranty is for the lifetime of the original purchaser, the warranty for multi family and commercial uses is 30 years. Please use this link for more information.


How Strong are Metro Contracting Products?

Metro uses Products that are strengthened with impact modifiers during extrusion and have been tailored to exceed the requirements necessary for performance of the products.

Will Metro Fence Products turn yellow or deteriorate like resin patio furniture?

No. Metro Products contain the ideal amount of non-chalking titanium dioxide (TiO2), as well as high grade stabilizers and other ingredients, which prevents ultraviolet degradation. All of the Products are warranted against discoloration and have been field proven to maintain their color.

Will Metro Products crack, chip, peel, rot or fade?

No. During the life of the product you should not expect to find surface cracking, peeling, chipping, rotting, or fading. This is covered by the transferable warranty.

Are Metro Vinyl Fence Products maintenance free?

The Products require a limited amount of maintenance. Under normal conditions maintenance is in the form of washing the fence to keep it looking new.

How do Metro Contracting Products stand up in the wind?

Metro Products are designed to withstand normal wind load. We have actual wind tunnel tests to 110 mph, without any internal post support such as the pipe post Slip-Mount system. Greater wind load resistance can be easily accomplished using our Steel Galvanized 1 7/8 ” Pipe system.

Do Metro Products become brittle in winter?

As with most vinyl products, vinyl will become less flexible in colder weather conditions. However, unless subjected to unusual impact like a direct or sudden blow it will not break or crack. Our products have been engineered to accommodate normal temperature swings.

Do Metro Products expand?

It is normal for vinyl materials to expand and contract during temperature changes. Our designs and fabrication methods will allow for expansion and contraction during the installation process.

How do you clean Metro Products?

As with all exterior products, our fence can become dirty when exposed to the elements. A mild detergent and water should be sufficient to keep your fence looking new. For tough stains, “soft scrub” or baking soda works well. Simple Green and super fine steel wool (0000) also works to clean stubborn stains.

How do Metro Products hold up to weed eaters?

As with all vinyl and wood products, direct contact with lawn and garden equipment can cause damage to the posts. Use caution when operating any type of equipment near fence posts, especially commercial trimmers, which are more aggressive.

What is Virgin Vinyl?

This is 100% new vinyl with UV inhibitors and impact modifiers throughout the entire product.

What is Mono Extrusion?

The mono-extrusion (or monolayer extrusion) process blends the elements of the PVC compound extruded through the die to become the walls of the single layer product. Generally smaller profiles like rails and picket profiles are mono extruded.

What is Co- Extrusion?

Co-extrusion is the newest technology used for shaping PVC products. Two or more layers are produced: The outer layer (or cap stock) is similar to a “skin.” It contains a denser concentration of the essential elements (including UV inhibitors) and protects like a sunscreen when exposed to harmful UV rays. Larger profiles posts and some rails T&G fence panels are Co- extruded this also offers superior strength in the wall of the profile.
Will Vinyl Burn?
Our vinyl has a flash point of approximately 900 degrees and does not easily ignite. Vinyl is classified as “Self-Extinguishing”.
Do you cement the posts?
It is common to cement in just the (PVC) vinyl fence posts 27” to 36” in the ground. However in last 8 years there has been a large increase in air driving round galvanized pipe, this method is used in certain regions of the country depending on ground conditions , in some cases the pipe may be also cemented in. Upon the installation the pipe supports the (PVC) Vinyl posts using our 1-7/8” adjustable Slip–Mount system. The results are: increased strength of the fence posts, less deflection or flex at the top of the post and fence panel the fence has a stronger feel and provides a higher wind load especially with full privacy 6 Ft wide fence panels. Metro only uses 1-7/8” .079 wall commercial grade galvanized pipe as a minimum for all residential and up to schedule 40 for commercial fence installations providing you the best system available. For more information on galvanized pipe and installations Call (306) 292-9092

Will it mildew or collect mold?

Vinyl products will, when subjected to extended damp weather, collect mold and mildew. However, because they are non-porous, they are easily cleaned with a solution of mild household detergent and water, or pressure washer.

What is the cost of Metro Products compared to wood?

The cost of our vinyl products is amazingly similar, when compared to a comparable quality wood product such as #1 grade clear cedar along with the necessary surface preparation, priming, and painting or staining, fasteners etc. In some cases, the cost is less than or even to the typical wood products you would use.

Can you make gates from the product?

We make gates from the same vinyl material used for the fence. This is best left to qualified fabricators, who use a variety of special techniques to produce strong, long lasting gates.

How tall can I make a fence?

We can typically make the fence as tall as it needs to be, 6 Ft high is our most common style, however we can customize and modify the panel of up to 8 and 10 Ft in height, post centers are generally 6 Ft wide on taller fence styles and the panel will contain a reinforced mid rail. It is recommended that any fence over 6’ tall have the posts reinforced. Using our steel pipe SQ 20 wall and 1-7/8” Slip-Mount post install system. Always check with local building codes and architectural controls on height restrictions.

Are Metro Products graffiti proof?

Although not classified as graffiti proof, vinyl fencing is fairly easy to clean and most graffiti comes off with just a little effort. Often, the graffiti can be removed with “simple green” detergent and a soft cloth. In more severe cases, use 0000 steel wool (super fine), either by itself, or with “simple green” or in extreme cases, use with lacquer thinner, and dry with a soft cloth quickly afterwards do not allow lacquer to penetrate into vinyl caution when using lacquer.

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