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By: Mcn Cabling  09-12-2011
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Imagine, if you will, that you are an owner, working for a small company. You are perhaps vaguely aware that all is not well with the small network that you use each day, but the system administrator (sysadmin , if there is one) is so busy with other duties, that address­ing your concerns seems to be last on the list. The occasional delay in e-mail that just never quite makes it seem like minor issues compared to.. well, whatever it is that so occupies the sysadmin.

Or perhaps there is no sysadmin .. the network topology is neither ring, nor star, but more "accreted." It is possible that the nephew of one of the managers was responsible for its setup. Like coral, successive waves of employees have washed over the network, leaving their small additions—a cheap 8-port hub here, some gaffer-taped wiring there.

You become aware that your LAN/WAN environment is a real-world test of how deeply Ethernet hubs may be cascaded. A trip to the server room (or server closet) reveals a mess of cabling that closely resembles blue spaghetti. Access to the outside world can take several forms, but it is not uncommon to find a couple of dialup modems lurking quietly in the mess, unnoticed, until a failure in the regular link means a fallover to the pleasures of 30 employees sharing a 33.6k modem. The concept of labeling cables never made it to this paleolithic theme park, so if you ever trip on one of the floor-dwelling blue vines, locating its original socket can be a challenging occupation.

MCN is available to you to troubleshoot, maintain and inform you on the status of your current network and possible expansions. Everything from new security implementation, to complete redesign. These services are available on a per-call basis, or in the form of a service contract. Typical contracts involve: regular network checking, adding and removing of IP’s, subnet maintenance, domain setup and maintenance, troubleshooting and resolving of problems on the network, troubleshooting of related hardware attached to the network, setup and changes to security polices, adding and removing of users, or the implementation of  filtering and anti-spam solutions. Each contract is customized to your network and your needs. Please feel free to contact us regarding a consultation to ensure that your network is as secure and reliable as you want it to be.

"We will have you on-line in the shortest call out time in the industry."

Keywords: Server Room

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MCN Cabling LTD - Services - services

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MCN Cabling LTD - Services - servicesnetwork

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