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By: Linda Mccann Consulting  09-12-2011

Linda McCann will partner with you and your organization to identify and meet your specific needs. Drawing on a solid foundation of theory, research and practice, she will work with you to achieve the breakthrough you need. Contact Linda if you want to:

  •   your leadership
•   team effectiveness
•   a strategic plan
•   a healthier lifestyle
•   on a facilitator
•   with a coach

Workshops and retreats have the potential to strengthen you, your team, and your organization's leadership capacity.

The What - Retreats are developed with your specific goals in mind and typically include:

  • An overview of current leadership and management theory, research, and practice
  • Awareness of leadership strengths and areas for development
  • Feedback from others
  • Opportunities for networking
  • Development of plans for moving forward
  • Follow up coachings
  • Practical exercises that will help you develop competencies such as
    • Creating vision and inspiring others
    • Leading change
    • Motivating others
    • Handling conflict and difficult conversations
    • Communicating effectively
    • Improving team functioning
    • Creating and implementing plans
    • Strengthening emotional intelligence
    • Contributing to a healthy work environment

The How - A retreat is designed to address your organization's learning needs and to meet and challenge your personal learning styles. Sessions are highly interactive, provide opportunities for individual self-assessment and confidential feedback, and ensure a balance of experiential exercises, discussion and presentation. Linda is known for her ability to create an environment of trust and respect conducive to breakthrough learning. Up to date resource materials and workbooks are provided.

Instruments and Tools - Linda uses the following tools to help participants learn:

Linda can lead you through a new team start up, help you strengthen the effectiveness of your current team or assist you with breakthrough in those areas where you are 'stuck'. Facilitation of team building sessions follows an assessment of your group's specific needs. Sessions often focus on:

  • Clarifying purpose and goals
  • Improving relationships
  • Building a foundation of trust
  • Developing plans

Linda draws on traditional team building and planning approaches as well as current models that focus on participatory teams or processes such as appreciative inquiry. She frequently uses the Myers Briggs Indicator as a tool to improve team effectiveness, communication and relationships.

Linda uses a highly participatory approach to planning and can lead you through:

  • Planning to plan
  • Developing a vision, mission and values
  • Identifying core strategies or areas of focus
  • Mapping out your plan
  • Building momentum and commitment
  • Reviewing or revising a plan

You can expect Linda to draw on a range of approaches to planning that suit your needs, yet challenge your typical ways of doing things.

Linda's interest in the 'whole person' means she will work with you or your group to find ways to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Topics include:

  • Stress in the Workplace
  • Live Well, Live Fully
  • Breakthrough to Well Being

These sessions will take your whole life into consideration and include practical tools for moving forward as well as an opportunity to delve deeply into aspects of your life that stand in the way of your well being. If you are interested in a more personal approach, check out the coaching site.

A facilitator can help your group, team or organization gather information, identify clear outcomes, or have a conversation about a difficult issue. The facilitator is neutral in a way that you can't be. Linda is experienced at helping groups identify common ground and work through the 'groan zone'. She has a solid foundation in human relations and team dynamics and uses a highly participatory approach in:

  • Priority setting sessionse
  • Teambuilding and planning sessions
  • Focus groups
  • Improving team meetings

In a coaching relationship the entire focus is on you, on what you want in life and what will help you achieve it. Linda's clients experience:

  • Discovery and enhancement of their strengths
  • Clearer role focus and application
  • Strategic, personal and professional actions that meet or exceed goals
  • More meaningful lives personally and in their workplaces
  • Ideas and strategies to help them build more effective relationships, deal with challenging situations and people, and lead a more balanced and less stressful life

Here is what you can expect:

  1. Develop a coaching agreement - a six month commitment demonstrates your willingness to challenge your current thinking and practices.
  2. Reflect on key questions in the 'intake package': your intentions, objectives, obstacles and gaps.
  3. Initial interview in person or by telephone for approximately two hours. Topics will include: Fulfilment in various areas of your life, your values and commitment to these values and your coaching agenda.
  4. Coaching sessions twice a month - typically by telephone - focusing on session goals, successes, challenges, accountability and learnings.
  5. and phone check-ins as required.