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By: Kipp & Zonen  09-12-2011

Solar Instruments

Atmospheric Science Instruments

Atmospheric science instruments include the Brewer spectrophotometer for stratospheric Ozone and high accuracy UV measurements, scintillometers, solar monitoring stations, sky radiometers, passive microwave meteorological temperature profilers and Lidar systems.

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Kipp & Zonen - Solar Radiation Measurement

We deliver guaranteed performance and quality in various markets: Meteorology, Climatology, Hydrology, Industry, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Remote Sensing and Public Health & Safety. Our passion for precision has led to the development of a large range of high quality instruments: from all weather resistant pyranometers to complete measurement networks.


Kipp & Zonen - CMP 21 secondary standard pyranometer

The CMP 21 pyranometer is designed for measuring the irradiance on a plane surface, which results from the direct solar radiation and from the diffuse radiation incident from the hemisphere above. The CMP 21 is a high performance research grade pyranometer, and is fully compliant with all ISO 9060 Secondary Standard Instrument performance criteria. Each instrument is supplied with its own temperature and directional (cosine response) test data.


Kipp & Zonen - CMP 22, the best secondary standard pyranometer available

CMP 22 has all the features of CMP 21 but uses very high quality quartz domes for a wider spectral range, improved directional response, and reduced thermal offsets. A waterproof socket is fitted for the signature yellow signal cable, which is available in a range of lengths pre-wired to the waterproof plug.


Kipp & Zonen - CMP 3 second class pyranometer

The CMP 3 pyranometer features a snap-on white sun shield, integrated leveling and a weatherproof connector which is supplied pre-wired with 10 m of signal cable for simple installation. The thermopile detector measures irradiance up to 2000 W/m² with response time <18 seconds and typical sensitivity 10 µV/W/m² that varies less than 5 % from -10 ºC to +40 ºC.


Kipp & Zonen - CMP 11 secondary standard pyranometer

The integral bubble level is raised to the top of the housing and can be viewed without removing the redesigned snap-on sun shield, which also covers the connector. It is particularly suitable for meteorological networks and the reduced response time of 1.66 seconds meets the requirements for solar energy applications.