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By: Facilities  09-12-2011

Meet your Customer Service Representatives
Sonia Bayda, Cheryle Burback and Kim Laybourne

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
After hours, weekends & emergencies: contact Security Services 966-5555

The Work Control Centre (WCC) is the central service point for all repairs, maintenance, minor work requests (including equipment owned by departments), service requests, trouble calls and emergency repairs.

Types of Requests

FMD assesses and groups requests into the following categories:


 impair your ability to do business, threaten or compromise the integrity of university assets, or threaten life or safety. Examples include:

  • floods and major leaks
  • exposed wires on outlets or fixtures, sparking
  • backed up main drains and water main breaks
  • gas leaks or other related odors
  • broken glass
  • break and enter, vandalism
  • loose or falling architectural components
  • passengers stuck in elevators
  • asbestos concerns
  • major power outages

Please call the WCC promptly at 966-4496 to report emergencies.

Urgent Requests

 are uncomfortable situations, but not life threatening, and can be resolved over a short period of time with moderate inconvenience. Examples include:

  • extreme hot or cold classrooms, teaching spaces, labs, offices
  • burnt out light bulbs or fluorescent tubes
  • plugged sinks and toilets
  • no power to an outlet (blown breaker)
  • locked doors
  • stuck keys
  • fume hoods not functioning properly

Routine Requests

 are for estimates or services that can be completed or resolved over a period of time with minimal disruption. Examples include:

  • estimates for renovations, repairs to equipment
  • changing ballasts
  • exterior lighting on buildings, streetlights, exit lighting
  • broken soap and sanitary supply dispensers
  • furniture repair or cleaning
  • equipment installations
  • equipment repairs

What is a WIRF (Work Initiation Request Form)?

Filling out a WIRF

  1. Complete all parts of the WIRF clearly and completely. Incomplete WIRFs may delay processing of your request.
  2. Indicate whether an estimate is required prior to the work being performed. Please include your departmental organizational code (4 digit CFOPOAL number) for tracking purposes only.
  3. Include the CFOAPAL number and an authorizing signature when proceeding with work that does not require an estimate.
  4. If you are ordering specialized equipment, please send a copy of the installation and equipment specifications with the installation request.
  5. Submit the request as soon as possible to ensure ample time for planning, scheduling, and completing your request.
  6. If you have questions while completing a WIRF, contact the WCC and we will be happy to help.

Submit completed WIRFs to the Facilities Management Division by:

WIRF Follow Up

If you still have questions, please contact the Work Control Centre:

Contact Facilities

Email - none provided

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