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By: Computer Ems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Hard Drive, Video Card

Whether your computer is exhibiting strange behaviour, won't start, hanging or just slowing down, we can analyze the problem and either correct the problem or provide cost effective alternative solutions.

Below are some self help tips. While I encourage you to use them, improper software/driver and hardware installation can make your system unstable, unusable and can cause hardware damage. If you're unsure, give us a call, we're here to help.


Computer won't start and doesn't even beep. Chances are you have a power supply or motherboard failure. Power supplies are relatively inexpensive at under $100 for PCs. Motherboards generally start under $200 and up for PCs depending on features. Power supplies and motherboards for laptops and server class computers are more expensive.

Computer starts, but just beeps a few times. This could be anything from forgetting to put the memory back in the machine or a failed card to a failed CPU (the big ticket item). Make note of the beeps and check your manufacturers web site to find out what they mean.

Computer starts fine, but I get a blue screen when Windows starts. Generally, this is a configuration problem and the driver causing the problem is listed at the top of the screen. Boot into safe mode and disable the defective driver and reboot, or restore to a previous configuration. If this doesn't fix the problem, then there are bigger issues that would require an experienced trouble-shooter.

Computer seems to start, but the monitor never comes on. Usually a loose cable, a bad/loose video card or the monitor has failed.

Computer may or may not start and there is a grinding noise. Classic hard drive failure. Turn off the power. Don't shut down as this writes to the disk and can cause further damage. Usually when it gets this bad, the data on the drive will be unrecoverable unless your willing to send the drive off to data recovery experts for partial recovery (damaged sections may not be retrievable) starting at around $1500. Some times you get lucky and can get some data off the drive by hooking it up to another machine and copying drive to drive.

Computer starts and runs fine, but after a while it will hang. If this happens fairly consistently (i.e. after half an hour, the machine locks up), chances are the machine is over heating and one of the fans has stopped working or the machine needs a good cleaning (I've seen some pretty clogged machines). If the hangs are inconsistent, it could be anything from a virus or other software problem to a hardware failure.

Computer crashes when I do this Doc. Well, you can either follow the old doctor's advice and just not do that, or you can give us a call and we may be able to provide a fix or at least a work around.


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Keywords: Hard Drive, Video Card

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