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By: College Of Dentistry  09-12-2011
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If you are applying as a Saskatchewan Resident, you must provide proof of Saskatchewan residency by February 1st.

  1. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants at the time of application.

  2. Applicants normally must have resided in Saskatchewan for at least four years immediately prior to September 1st of the year in which admission is being sought. Applicants who left the province, but who previously lived in Saskatchewan for an accumulated period of 15 years (permanent residency), will be treated as residents. Applicants who have previously lived in Saskatchewan for an accumulated period of less than 15 years and who do not qualify under the four-year condition will receive credit of one year toward the four year requirement for every four years of residency in the province. There are no exceptions to the four-year Saskatchewan residency rule.

    In support of a claim to qualify under section (b) above (as a resident of Saskatchewan), the following proof and circumstances will be taken into account:
    • Dates of issue on your Saskatchewan Health Card and either a Saskatchewan Driver’s License or Saskatchewan Income Tax forms confirming taxes paid in Saskatchewan.
    • Applicants who have completed four years of full-time study at Saskatchewan post-secondary institutions immediately prior to the year of admission being sought are considered Saskatchewan residents. To support this claim, official transcripts from the Saskatchewan post-secondary institutions attended must be provided by February 1st.
    • Reasons for any break in continuity of residence, which will include attendance at an out-of-province educational institution, summer employment where applicable, and any other reason deemed to be relevant;
    • Saskatchewan high school transcript (if you are NOT currently registered at the University of Saskatchewan) or
    • Resident of the Yukon, Northwest or Nunavut Territories

Non-Canadian applicants will need to obtain a Study Permit to study in Canada.

There is a separate category in which ONE first year space is reserved for a foreign trained dentist.  Applicants in this stream will compete in a separate pool for this position.

  1. Applicants must have earned a dental degree from a recognized dental college other than Canada or the United States of America.
  2. Applicants must be interviewed at the University of Saskatchewan for the year in which admission is being sought.
  3. Applicants must provide a one-page biography (curriculum vita) on relevant dental experiences and other information that would be helpful to the Admissions Committee

Applicants will be evaluated on all of the above.

The College of Dentistry may consider students with special circumstances with regard to one or both of the 30 credit unit years, such that one or both years may have been completed over twelve consecutive months as part of a program requirement. All “special case” applicants will be considered by the Admissions Committee and will compete with all other applicants in the general pool of candidates.  Applicants must have met all other requirements.  Applicants are to submit a letter with their application form that explains their special circumstances.

There is no provision for accepting transfer students into the D.M.D. program.

Keywords: Post-secondary Institutions

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