Enterprise proven products that drive measurable efficiencies and impact

By: Cfactor  09-12-2011

The future is already here.

Our integrated suite of on-demand products reinvents workplace interactions. We do this by uniquely deploying workforce management, communication and social technology. The creative combination of these products changes the way our customers collaborate, share knowledge and get work done.

cfactor simplifies the complex.

Unify systems, information and people at the exact time and place they are needed. Unlike many of our competitors, implementing cfactor does not come at the expense of your current infrastructure. cfactor breathes new life into these systems by unifying them within a next generation enterprise application environment.

Whether you are thinking of adding a global employee portal, self-service, work process automation, new intranet or social media/collaboration tools, cfactor gives you the benefits of a global enterprise solution without the associated hassles.

No hardware to maintain, no software to download and no ERP prices.

There is an Easier Way.

cfactor Workforce provides you the benefits of a global workforce management solution. It is highly configurable to support your unique HR processes and systems. Advanced features such as embedded social media and real-time collaboration tools, knowledge centers and true end-to-end automation drive end-user satisfaction and enterprise efficiency.

Your Message. One Voice.

Gone are the days of stale intranets, information getting bottlenecked in IT, and lost opportunities to engage your people. cfactor Communications provides our customers with a unified platform to reach their entire organization - unifying their brand and message in multiple languages and across multiple jurisdictions. Measure the impact of your communications through advanced analytics.

Work Better, Together.

Give Everyone A Voice. cfactor Communities provides a comprehensive set of employee collaboration tools born out of the enterprise. We deploy in a way that is integral to the core business activities of our customers. Online communities are integrated into the work process. Role-based groups ensure the right individuals are automatically part of the conversations that impact their jobs. Rich profiles provide an unparalleled view into the skills, knowledge and subject matter expertise that resides within your workforce.