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By: Cardno Entrix  09-12-2011
Keywords: Risk Management, Industry Experience, Regulatory Compliance

Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship is the practice of making health, safety and environmental protection an integral part of products throughout the lifecycle of raw materials sourcing, production, product use and disposal. It is the backbone of sustainable business practices in the chemical industry as well as any industry relying on chemicals.

The concept has taken on added importance as supply chains for domestically sold products stretch into parts of the world with less stringent or no health and environmental standards and weaker enforcement. In the opposite way, rigorous global regulations like REACh have forever changed international commerce along with public expectations regarding chemical safety and company practices.

Companies that do not have a strong strategy in place to meet or exceed rapidly developing regulatory compliance requirements, and meet stakeholder demands for responsible business practices where they do not exist, can face serious consequences—from costly legal action to the loss of brand reputation and investor confidence. The next generation of leading businesses will be those that make the necessary corporate commitment and capital investments in product stewardship, green chemistry and global compliance.

Why Cardno ENTRIX?

Cardno ENTRIX staff has extensive industry experience in the design and implementation of product stewardship programs at leading global chemical companies as well as many chemical industry associations. This experience allows for expert and efficient assistance to clients in developing, implementing and assessing product stewardship programs.

At Cardno ENTRIX, we believe product stewardship starts the moment a new molecule advances from R&D to commerce and continues the entire time that molecule is used for its intended purpose, recycled, or disposed. Our professionals use science-based decision making to guide the evaluation of inherent product hazards, conduct risk assessments and design safe management practices.

Cardno ENTRIX can provide all the strategic and tactical advice required for establishing comprehensive Product Stewardship initiatives that are cost effective, help meet regulatory requirements while simultaneously driving sustainable growth and enhanced brand reputation for our clients. Our services include:

  • Development of an overall Product Stewardship strategy to meet individual company  business objectives
  • Design of tactical plans to achieve strategic objectives and meet global regulatory requirements
    • Identification of information gaps
    • Use of Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships (QSAR) to leverage existing information across product families and to support new product development
    • Design and oversight of testing plans to fill information gaps
    • Interpretation of test results
    • Characterization of exposures resulting from product handling and use
    • Development and Implementation of Supply Chain risk management strategies
    • Evaluation of potential product risks and development of risk management practices
    • Development of systems to address customer inquiries and public concerns regarding product safety
    • Training and third party validation of product stewardship plans
    • Development and updates to Hazard Communications
  • Product advocacy with government agencies
  • Litigation and scientific support in response to product challenges and expert witnessing

Keywords: Chemical Industry, Industry Experience, Product Stewardship, Regulatory Compliance, Regulatory Requirements, Risk Assessments, Risk Management, sustainable business,

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