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By: Arbour Crest Tree Services  09-12-2011
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When considering hiring someone to care for your trees, we strongly recommend hiring an ISA Certified Arborist. Being certified indicates that the arborist has a solid knowledge of tree care and is committed to staying current in the profession.

Pruning – Deciduous trees should be pruned every 3-4 years. We use proper pruning cuts so that the tree can seal-over properly. In order to prune a tree properly it often requires climbing; we use arborist ropes and saddles, and all safety precautions, in order to thoroughly prune the tree.

High Reach Equipment - With the use of a bucket truck our tree crews can provide safe/efficient services for our clients.

Ornamental Tree, Hedge and Shrub Shaping - We do not indiscriminately top trees. We do shape crabapples, poplar and spruce when required using proper pruning cuts. This is often a great alternative to removal.

If you’ve watched your birch tree wither away, if you have young trees and shrubs that need a boost, or if you are having trouble with the colour of your old spruce, we have the solution.  We strongly recommend our custom fertilizer mix applied twice per year to keep your trees healthy, disease resistant and in good colour. We challenge you to try out our fertilizing services…we’re certain you’ll see a difference (and your trees will feel the difference)!

Removals are sometimes necessary. We might use rigging techniques to bring down the tree piece by piece, or we will just pull the tree over if there is room and it’s safe to do so. When considering removing a large tree, safety is critical. We ensure the safety of human and physical assets in the approach we use for removals. We haul the wood away or leave it for firewood (at the customer’s discretion).

Dutch Elm Disease Prevention - When an elm has to be removed, this can be done at any time, all branches and wood have to go to the City landfill and the stump needs to be ground below grade. Elm trees need to be pruned at least every 3-4 years, this is only done when the trees are dormant from October 1st to April 1st. The branches and pruning debris need to be sent to the landfill.

That tree that is split in two in may not need to be removed! If possible, we will perform tree surgery and keep the tree around for many years.

Stump Grinding - We thoroughly grind the tree stumps including all the tree’s surface roots. Stump-grinding can be a dangerous job but we take necessary precautions to minimize damage.

- We can provide tree care consultations on a per-hour basis.

From the design stage to installation and ongoing maintenance we can take care of your yard or commercial site on a year-round basis.

We can help install "from the ground up" any yard complete with paving stones, irrigation, rock work, lawns and plants.  After an initial assessment we will work with you on a quote and install the landscape you desire.

We will help select and plant trees that are suitable to the size, soil, and design of our clients' yards. 

Bobcat Services- We will contract out our skid-steer to help with any job big or small.

Irrigation- We can design and install a professional system and maintain it. We do spring start-ups, service and fall blow-outs for our clients.

Mulch Delivery and Installation - We can custom order and install various grades and colours of mulch to keep your yard low maintenance.

Gardening Services – We can help spruce up and maintain your yard.  From spring clean-ups to winter preparation, we can help keep the weeds and grasses from taking over.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - Diseases and insects can sometimes intrude on your landscape. Diagnosing the disease or insect is the first step to management. We have licensed pesticide applicators on staff to set-up an IPM program if required.

Christmas Lights- Working efficiently and safely with our bucket truck we can install and remove your Christmas lights and seasonal outdoor decorations. We can also store them for the off-season to avoid taking up space in your garage or basement.

Snow Removal- For residential or commercial sites we can perform snow clearing with shovels, snow blower, Bobcat and trucking services.

Roof Top Snow Removal - We can remove (and are insured to remove!) snow from the roof of your home.  With the help of our bucket truck or just with shovels, we can remove the snow from your roof before it melts and turns to ice.  We can then move the fallen snow away from the foundation of your home so there is less risk of flooded basements.

Network of contractors:

We regularly partner with several companies to provide the homeowner with quality services. Our network of contractors includes:

¨       Landscape designers

¨       Landscaping product suppliers

¨       Turfgrass maintenance

¨       Tree spade services

¨       Soil sampling labs

Keywords: landscape, Pruning, stump grinding, Tree Care, Tree Surgery

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