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By: Aids Saskatoon  09-12-2011

I've been so freaking sick that it has interfered with everything from literally washing my ass, to walking down the street to working. And if I say it, you know it's gotta be true because I'm miss independent, ain't gonna let nothing stop my ass in this lifetime or the next. But I have to admit, I was thrown a curve ball that knocked me flat on my ass these last seven weeks or so.

And when you are laid out you can't see the forest, shit, you can't even see the trees. But you can feel the cold, moist ground sucking the life out of you. And as you lay there, you know instinctively that if you continue to lay in this dirt that a part of you will surly die, not physically, but emotionally and spiritually. And I tell you, a dead spirit in my opinion is worse than death. Death is final, but living with a broken spirit is an endless bottomless pit. Like being in hell and looking up to heaven, wanting to be there, but it's not available to you.