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By: Affinity Insurance Services  09-12-2011

Home Insurance - For most people, the purchase of a home is the single largest purchase they will make. This purchase is an investment in the future and like all investments, should be adequately protected. Affinity Insurance has the products you need and knowledgeable staff to help protect your investment.

Special Item Coverages Such as Jewellery, Boats and Motors, Seasonal Properties, ATVs, Furs, Fine Art and other specialty items can also be added to your home policy. Please contact a broker to discuss any specialty items you might have.

Tenant or Renter's Insurance

- When renting a property to live in, such as a home or apartment, you have special insurance needs. Although the landlord’s insurance covers the building, there is no coverage under their policy for any of your personal property. There is also no coverage for your liability exposure. You need Insurance products that can be tailored to your individual needs. Affinity Insurance has the products you need and knowledgeable staff to tailor the product to “fit” your particular situation.

Condo Insurance

- Condo insurance is different than other types of insurance in that you have an interest in the unit itself in addition to your interest in your personal property. The condominium corporation may have an insurance policy to cover the collectively owned property and common areas and the structure itself; however, this doesn‘t cover your interest in the belongings, and improvements you make to your own unit or your liability.

Replacement Cost Coverage - Affinity Insurance can provide Replacement Cost Coverage on all your personal property. In other words, what it would cost for you to replace EVERYTHING you own. Some examples of items that would be included are furniture, clothing, linens, dishes, pots and pans, food, artwork, lawn and gardening supplies and patio furniture as well as many other things. All insurance policies have "special limits" on certain types of property. Talk to one of our experts to have your insurance tailored to your individual needs.

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