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By: 2Webdesign  09-12-2011

Put your sales on steroids by securely selling online

Back in the day, the pioneers of e-commerce websites were the industry Goliaths such as Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and eBay. In fact it was Bill Gates that made brilliantly accurate predictions in 1995 revealing his vision of the future of the Internet. With the pace at which Internet technology is evolving today, our minds cannot even comprehend the ways in which the Internet will revolutionize our lifestyle in the next decade.

What we can say with certainty is that the trend in e-commerce websites among businesses and organizations is spreading like wild fire.

By utilizing sophisticated e-commerce systems that can now be developed on a reasonable budget, the e-commerce platform has gained leverage among businesses and organizations of all sizes. The good news is that no longer are the industry “Goliaths” monopolizing the Internet economy. This transition has even forced the traditional mindset of brick and mortar businesses to consider an e-commerce website.

There is no doubt that our impatient lifestyle requires that we have immediate accessibility to what interests our craving minds. Therefore it makes economic sense to compliment your customers’ cravings by empowering them to transact with you on their demand. Not only will an e-commerce website facilitate an increase in sales, but you will also enhance your customers’ convenience in doing so.

E-commerce website development strategy

Our strategy for e-commerce website development depends on the goals and vision you have. Every business is unique and it is our aim to develop a solution that is customized for your business. There are numerous standards and guidelines that we follow when it comes to developing an e-commerce website.

Starting with our website design process, we then continue onwards to determine the best e-commerce model and structure based on the type of business you have. Whether you have a service oriented business or a tangible product that you would like to sell online, it is important to develop a system that supports what you have to offer to your customer base.

In addition there are many choices when it comes to selecting the right payment processing method. We have dealt with well known payment gateways and processing platforms such as Paypal, Beanstream, Moneris and Website Payments Pro. This diverse experience has led our team to provide useful and accurate advice when it comes to settling with a system that fulfills your needs.

Since the conception of 2 Web Design, our team has actively worked towards developing a unique content management system for our clients. The CMS, now known as 2WebCMS, empowers our clients with the functionality required to fully update small to very extensive and complex websites. There are numerous CMS solutions that are available out there such as Joomla, Drupal, PHP Nuke, Mambo and a ton of others. This raises the question, why go for 2WebCMS over other CMS solutions?

Other products and services from 2Webdesign



It plays a pivotal role in any digital media or online marketing strategy.


Web Application Development

By utilizing available platforms we can now develop web applications that represent business systems, Intranet applications and complex customer management systems that take information management and efficiency to a new level. This movement and acceptance of “socializing online” has been well received by giants such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more that are now actively part of the online social cycle.


Website Design

We are committed to create a unique image of your site in the minds of your customers which will compel them to visit your site again and again. Our design and development teams have the necessary expertise and experience to offer world class design and site architecture to our clients. As we all know, first impressions are hard to change, therefore your image is crucial to how you will be perceived by your customers.