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By: Resilient Manitoulin  09-12-2011

Debajehmujig is excited to be able to invite you to participate in The 6’ Project, a project that is meant to daylight, celebrate and bring together the many diverse relationships that Islanders have with this land that we share. So if you’re a farmer, fisher, painter, writer, teacher, mechanic; if you’re in Wiky, Gore Bay, Sheshegwaning, all the way out to Meldrum Bay, in town or out in the bush; if you’re 83, 42 or 7; if you’re a man, woman, youth or child who loves this land, Manitoulin Island, please share this love. Take part in The 6’Project!

Here are your instructions for love – I mean – participation:

1. Choose a 6’x6’ piece of land that you have regular access to, permission to be on, and a personal connection to.

3. Make art there. It should be something that reflects your relationship to this land. Document it. You could … create a sculpture and document it, record the audio of that place (which is documenting it), take pictures of that place (also documented), write letters to that space (the letters would act as documentation) sit there every day and write a story (documentation), paint a particular flower’s life cycle (painting=documentation), erect some sort of shelter, be it tipi, mudhouse or sugarshack and live there, but just make sure you document it with like, a video camera or something.

4. Did I mention you need to document it? Documentation may take the form, but is not limited to, photos, video recording, audio recording, drawings, writings, songs and any other way you can think of. The actual pieces will take place out on the land. We need the documentation to be able to come together and share our experiences come festival time. Don’t feel limited if you don’t have some state of the art camera. Be creative.

5. All documentation must be submitted to Elisha by OCTOBER 22, 2010. Contact her for further information. All of this work will then be assembled into a community exhibition. Sa-weet! We are so jazzed by the thought of bringing together all the different ways that us Islanders relate and connect to this land. Artistically, historically, agriculturally, traditionally, reflectively, respectfully; this is an opportunity for us to come together and honour our relationships to the land and to each other, past present, and future.

6. Yay! Come to the Exhibition/Festival NOVEMBER 5, 6, 7, 2010 to be held at the Debajehmujig Creation Centre. Workshops! Music! Food! See old friends, make new ones. See everybody’s work. Talk. Laugh. Learn. Are you coming?


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In science, a hypothesis that would modify the established belief system is not accepted unless it is supported by the experiments or observations of many independent investigators, and even then its acceptance is provisional. When the process of inquiry goes public, new complications arise because we are dealing with a collective belief system that can only learn by testing new ideas against many observations.


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By owning a share in a goat, you have a fresh supply of your own goat’s milk to drink because the milk that goat produces is divided equally among the shareholders to be picked up at the farm at a designated time. If your goat dies or is determined by Circle M Farm to need replacement, a new goat will be obtained as soon as one becomes available.


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