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By: Vaiz  09-12-2011


Vaiz Enterprises Complete Care is a realistic, affordable approach to addressing the issues and problems presently facing your business. We do this through analyzing the goals, processes, difficulties and available equipment within your organization.  Once that analysis is complete, we work with you to develop a solution to enable you to overcome your difficulties, leverage and where necessary update your equipment, streamline your processes and achieve your goals.

Why is VE Complete Care a more realistic solution for my business?

Our Complete Care solution works for your business because of two key characteristics: it’s adaptable and affordable. 

Adaptable: You don’t want to pay for a solution you don’t need or won’t use. By beginning with an understanding of how your company is functioning now, and where you want to take it, we’ll make sure that the solution you pay for is the solution you need. Each Vaiz Enterprises Complete Care solution is different because all of our clients have different needs – we’re not going to shove one solution onto the market and suggest that it’s right for everyone. Rather we’ll work with you from the very beginning to design the solution that your organization requires, at a price that fits your budget and fulfills your goals and vision.

Affordable: Through partnerships with companies like Microsoft®, Acer® and Cisco Systems® (to name a few), we’re able to acquire the right resources at a reasonable price to begin with. But Vaiz Enterprises Complete Care goes beyond that, through providing a fixed-cost maintenance program. Rather than simply providing support as a service charged at an hourly rate like many of our competitors, we only charge for the solution you’re receiving, and we support that solution. Simply put, you won’t pay more when things go wrong. Complete Care means you pay one price and we’ll keep things going right. Our success depends on the success of our clients, which is why Complete Care is consistently directed towards reaching your company’s goals. 

What is the VE Complete Care approach?

The Complete Care approach begins with an evaluation of your present situation, which includes determining the answers to some basic questions. In our analysis we consider your company from two different but complementary perspectives:

From an organizational, business-centered perspective, we ask:

Where does your organization excel, and what do you feel you’re getting right?

What organizational problems are you experiencing? 

What sorts of changes are you expecting to see in the future?

What improvements would you like to see?

From a technological perspective, we ask:

What hardware and software are you presently using? 

What technological problems are you encountering?

What kind of technical support does your organization require?

Once we’ve answered these questions, we’ll take a look at your present technical situation with a comprehensive network analysis, and we’ll report to you what we see as the best path forward from where you are. This ‘path forward’ is what separates Vaiz Enterprises from the competition – the aims of our solution are determined by your business goals, resources and needs. We consistently accompany you on this path forward, so that we’re ready to adapt and change the solution we provide as the needs of your organization change over time.

What we will do:

We will provide the skilled consultation required to determine the right solution to reach your goals

We will configure your network so that your company can move information safely, rapidly and effectively

We will maintain and upgrade your equipment, network and software when necessary, enabling you to keep pace with an ever-changing business environment

We will provide backup services and maintain a comprehensive in-depth profile of your company’s business configuration, network, technological assets and data storage needs so that recovery is easy when things do go wrong

Most importantly, we will do all of this for one fixed monthly price.

What we won’t do:

We won’t burden you with massive hardware investment which you can’t afford and don’t need

We won’t abandon you with an expensive product in your facility and then leave you with unpredictable, exorbitant maintenance costs

We won’t bother you by asking the sorts of questions to which we should already have the answers.

We won’t frustrate you by simply replacing your old problems with new problems. 

These are the key differences with Vaiz Complete Care. Rather than charging you for an equipment purchase up front and maintenance costs by the hour, once we’ve determined the right solution for your organization, we will present the cost of everything: hardware, software, installation, maintenance and all necessary consultation and support as one affordable monthly fee.  

What parts of VE Complete Care are available to me? 

Complete Care is just that – complete. Included in your solution is everything your organization needs to keep your information rapidly communicated, easily accessible and securely protected. Depending on your organization, that solution could include:

Server Management

Desktop Management

Network Management and Security

Comprehensive, Redundant Backups (On and Off-site)

Facility Security

Software Licensing and Updates

Hardware Upgrades and Maintenance

Ongoing Technical Support and Consultation 

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