The SHEC Energy System in Detail

By: Shec  09-12-2011
Keywords: Solar Energy, underground tanks

Solar Concentrator
SHEC's solar concentrator is a parabolic dish, tightly focusing solar energy into a constrained point. Although 98% of solar thermal systems use a parabolic trough system, such a design simply cannot produce high enough temperatures to be truly efficient.

The dish comprises an array of parabolic mirrors. Normally, these mirrors are costly and time consuming to produce. SHEC has developed a system to produce the mirrors inexpensively and 30 times faster than industry standards.

The solar receiver, into which the solar energy is focused by the concentrator, is capable of collecting and transferring temperatures of 850°C.

Heat energy transfer medium
SHECTHERM is our proprietary non-toxic solution used to carry the heat energy from the receiver to the storage system. Able to withstand the high temperatures, it is a better medium than the oil or molten salt solutions currently in use.

Connecting the parts together, SHEC has developed a system of pumps, actuators and articulating joints capable of withstanding 850°C temperatures.

All solar energy systems are limited to collecting solar energy only when the sun is shining. In order to serve nighttime electrical demand, energy collected during the day must be stored for use at night. SHEC has developed SHECSTORE, a system of underground tanks that receive heat energy during daylight, storing it for use at night to run turbines, or on a smaller scale, a stirling engine power generator. The result is 24-hour power.

Keywords: Solar Energy, underground tanks

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