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By: University Of Regina Students' Union  09-12-2011

City of Regina Transit Agent

The Students' Union is the U of R's on-campus Transit Agent. We provide students with a convenient place to buy Transit products such as Rides and Monthly Passes. We also provide you with free schedules and route maps. Our desk staff are also able to help you if you're unfamiliar with the Regina Transit service.

What should I buy?

Regina Transit sells two types of cost-saving products; Monthly Pass and Individual Rides (formerly Tickets). Starting November 1st, 2010, both products will only be available though the new R-Card.

Monthly Pass
Monthly Passes allow you to ride the bus as often as you need within the valid calendar month. For example, if you purchase a Monthly Pass for the month of September, then you can ride the bus as much as you'd like between September 1st and September 30th. Monthly Passes MUST be purchased on the new R-Card. R-Cards have an initial cost of $5 but will not cost you to purchase future passes.

Individual Rides (formerly Tickets)
For those who don't plan on riding the bus as frequently, Transit sells Individual Rides in sets of 10. Each ride saves you $0.50 at the adult rates and they never expire. Rides can be purchased either on a Plastic R-Card or as single-use cards. Single-use cards cannot be recharged or registered. The benefit of using the Plastic R-Card is you can register it with Regina Transit to protect the balance of the card from loss or theft.

What is the R-Card?

On November 1st, 2010, Regina Transit introduced the new R-Card fare system. This card replaces the old paper tickets and passes with a plastic RFID-enabled card. Each card includes an initial $5 charge but comes with a complimentary 2 free rides to cover the cost. R-Cards can be registered with Regina Transit with the cardholder's contact information to help protect the balance of the card in case you ever lose your card or have it stolen. If this occurs, it's as simple as going to Regina Transit's Downtown Information Centre and replacing the card. This cancels the old card and you keep your card's balance. For those who wish to buy rides, but don't want to purchase a plastic R-Card, we also sell disposable paper cards that can be thrown away after they reach a 0 balance.

Bus Fares and Passes (as of December 22nd, 2010)

Sheet of
10 tickets
Youth $2.00 $15 $47/month  
Post-Secondary $2.50 $20 $53/month  
Adult $2.50 $20 $62/month  

Maps & Schedules for University Bus Routes

*The Students' Union is NOT responsible for any discrepancies between the information above and actual information provided by Regina Transit. Should any discrepancies occur at any time, Regina Transit's information will always be correct.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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