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By: University Of Regina Students' Union  09-12-2011

*Please note: 

There have been reports that some lockers are being double-booked, therefore we are suspending our Online Locker Registry until we can correct the problem. If you have received a locker that seems to be already booked please come see us at the Students' Union Front Desk. Our apologies for the inconvenience.- URSU*

Fall 2011 / Winter 2012 Lockers

  • The Fall 2011 / Winter 2012 Rental Term begins on September 2, 2011 and ends on April 27, 2012.
  • The rental system will be opened to students on September 2, 2011.
  • Fees include a $5 rental fee and a $10 lock deposit. Fees will not change throughout the term and all fees are manditory.
  • Your $10 deposit may be refunded when you end your locker rental and return your lock to the Students' Union prior to April 27, 2012.
  • You may rent online or from our Front Desk. We accept cash, credit, interac and PayPal payments.
  • Should you require an accessible locker or a locker in a specific location for accessibility needs, please contact us by phone or in person.

Spring / Summer 2011 Lockers

  • All locker rentals will expire on August 26, 2011.
  • You must clean your locker and return your lock to the Students' Union front desk in order to receive your $10 lock deposit refund.
  • All remaining belongings left in lockers after August 26, 2011 will be bagged and stored until September 23, 2011.
  • To Reclaim your belongings, please follow the reclaim procedures noted below.
  • Please note that as per the Terms of Use agreement, URSU is not responsible or liable for your belongings. You are responsible to ensure your belongings are removed by the end of the rental period.

Contents Reclaim Procedures

  • To reclaim your belongings from an emptied locker, you must download and complete a Reclaim Request form. The download link is listed on the Right side of this page.
  • Reclaim Requests will only be processed between August 29 to September 2 and September 12 to September 23.
  • This form helps ensure we have accurate information to help us identify your belongings.
  • Return your completed request form to the Students' Union Front Desk and it will be processed in received order.


Frequently Asked Questions

Updated for Fall 2011 / Winter 2012

A: Starting in 2009, the Students' Union at the University of Regina took over the responsibility of governing the use and maintenance of the lockers on the University of Regina campus. Why have a new rental program? The following are the primary reasons for this new program:

Lockers are in need of repair.
This program was designed to generate the capital to help replace and repair damaged lockers. Currently there is no budget that helps maintain lockers when lockers are in need of repair or replacement.

There are not enough lockers on campus.

Funds are required to increase locker availability. Currently there are only 

1231 lockers for 9783 students

. This program is aimed at helping increase the number of lockers on campus so that more students can have access to one.

There needs to be a system of accountability.

This will help to stop students from damaging the lockers, leading to costly repairs.

For insurance and risk management purposes.

The University of Regina has the responsibility to know who is accessing it's space. This system will gather that information and provide for better communication between the students and the university. Should a problem arise that involves a locker, we'll have the ability to contact the renter and deal with the situation without having to cut locks and destroy property.

Abuse of the "free" system needs to be stopped.

The old "Every man for themselves" approach to lockers lead to students claiming multiple lockers, students renting out lockers to other students, and also prevented students needing specially designed lockers for those with disabilities from having access to them. This new system will help distribute lockers to as many students as possible, as well as help make reserved lockers available to students who actually need them.

Accessible lockers need to be kept available to those who need them.
Previously, nothing prevented students from taking lockers that are specially designed for wheelchair access from being taken. With this new system, these lockers will be marked and reserved so that students that need them will have the chance to rent them as well.

A: Lockers for the Fall 2011 / Winter 2012 period become available for rent starting September 2 and will be valid until April 27. Students will not be able to renew their current lockers for the next term.

A: All locker rental fees are $5 plus a $10 lock deposit. This deposit may be returned when the lock is returned to the Students' Union front desk prior to the end of the rental term. By returning your lock, you are terminating your locker rental for the term.

A: You can visit our rental site online for quick access to locker rentals or stop by the Front Desk.
For those looking to rent accessible lockers, or have special needs for a locker in a specific location, please visit the front desk and inform the staff of your request.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept for lockers?

A: Online: we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Interac-via-PayPal. To pay with debit, you must already have your debit card registered with your PayPal account. You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay with a credit card.
Front Desk: we accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and Interac/Debit at the Front Desk.

A: We have lockers reserved for students that need easy access due to a visual impairment or need a wheelchair. These lockers are located at the end of the banks of lockers and some are specially designed with lower shelves. If you need an Accessible locker, please contact the front desk with the contact information at the bottom of the page.

A: If your locker is damaged and needs a service call, please come to the Students' Union front desk with the locker number, building, and a description of the issue or damage so a service call can be placed to repair the locker.

A: URSU manages lockers located in the following buildings/areas:

- College West - Under Parking Services
- Lab Building - Beside the Lab Cafe
- Classroom/Library - Connecting hallway
- Library/Ad-Hum - Connecting hallway
- Education Building - all first-floor lockers
- Kinesiology/Education - Lockers in the North corridor

Starting in the Fall 2011 term, URSU will place labels on all URSU Lockers to make them easier to identify.

Lockers located in Riddell Centre, Luther/Campion College, The First Nations University of Canada, Language Institute and in some areas of the Lab and Kinesiology buildings are governed by other faculties and services. Please see the appropriate organization regarding those lockers.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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