Audio Transfer

By: Talking Dog Studios  09-12-2011

"Considering the compromised state of the record you had to work with, the difference between the original recording and the "cleaned up" version is amazing.

While it would be impossible to completely mask all the surface noise, it's been reduced significantly -allowing the music to rise above and be heard.

Thank you Talking Dog Studios"

- Nick Gane -
(transfer and restoration of original self-recorded 78 from 1951)

General Information: Materials are loaded into our workstations and treated as per the options listed below. Please specify if you would prefer audio discs, or mp3s on data discs. Or just bring in your USB thumb drive and we'll copy the files to that, no additional charge. There is a $5 charge for every CD we burn.

Basic Transfer: Prior to transfer, our engineers evaluate the current quality of your material. Depending upon the recording, we will do a straight transfer, or a basic cleaning (using standard rumble filtering, high-end filtering, level correction). Pops, ticks, etc. remain as-is.

Advanced Restoration: Direct Transfer service plus the added benefit of a digital noise reduction, suppressing ticks and pops, surface noise, tape hiss, and background noise.

Remastering: If required, we can give in-depth attention to each individual track, enhancing the recording to make it sound as best as it can (editing, corrective equalization, compression, imaging correction, etc.). Because the level of detail required varies for each recording, fees will vary: give us the recording and we'll give you a quote.

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