SQL Synchronizer for Remote Connection Restricted Hosting.

By: SpiceLogic Inc.  09-12-2011
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I was talking about Uploading your local database to your remote database. What about Downloading Remote database to local database ? You will not like it when you are like me, developing with SQL Server Express for local version and using SQL Server for remote version. From MyLittleAdmin, you can download the remote SQL Server database as a *.bak file, but you cannot directly update your SQL Server Express file (*.mdf) with that *.bak file. You need to attach your *.mdf file to your SQL Express server by using SQL Server Management Studio Express. Then, perform some steps to restore the *.bak file to a database and then, detach the database and then look for the detached database by name in your PC's SQL Server folder's Data Sub Folder. Then, copy that detached *.mdf file to your Project folder. No, as a serious developer, you do not deserve this punishment.

So, what is the solution ??

SpiceLogic developed a little SQL Synchronizer tool that will remove the restriction of 'Remote Connection is not allowed' imposed by your hosting company. It works both for SQL Server, attached SQL Server Express database and detached SQL Server Express file (*.mdf) . How ? First, the software will upload a set of dll file and an web service file to your remote website. then, it will talk to that web service and the web service will talk to the server hosted SQL Server. Thats it. Only one thing you must have is : 'A Windows hosting where you can run ASP.NET scripts, at least .NET Framework 2.0 with FULL TRUST configuration'. You asked for it and we made it.

How this great program can benefit you ?

Supports SQL Server, SQL Server Express attached database and SQL Server Express detached database file (*.mdf).

Usually, all other synchronization tools in the market do not support SQL Server Express database. Even if you find one tool that supports SQL Server Express database, it wont support detached *.mdf file. But it is a very common need for a small project to use detached SQL Server Express database file. So, this tool will be the one for your need. When you are uploading your database from local to remote, you can select any SQL Server, SQL Express, Detached *.mdf file as a local database and provide the connection string to your remote SQL Server database and thats all. When you are downloading your remote database to local database, you wont even have to download to an existing SQL Server database. You can save the remote SQL server database to a new SQL Server Express detached *.mdf file.

Various Synchronization Options:

This program will give you options for various kind of synchronization. You can choose some tables to synchronize or the whole Database to synchronize. You may also choose 'Data Only' which will drop all Data of the target database and copy the data from the source database. If you choose, 'Structure and Data' then the target table will be dropped and recreated from the source table. If you have database where a table is for recording logs, then, there is a chance that this table size will grow every day with a high number of rows. You wont feel comfortable to download or upload all data from the log table everyday specially when you have a slow internet connection or whenever you dont want to waste time on synchronization. We realized this problem and introduced a new synchronization option and that is 'New Data Only'. If you choose this option, the program will check the identity column of your database tables and find out which rows was added to the table and synchronize accordingly. It will save your time. If you choose Whole Database with Structure and Data combination option, then, this program will synchronize all tables along with all Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers etc.

Database Synchronization Profile:

Using the same tool, you can maintain unlimited number of databases those are hosted in different servers. You can load and save a profile and each profiles are saved as an independent text file. So, you can backup those files and you will never need to configure the tool again for a version upgrade or computer changes. If you are using two computers, you can simply take the profile file and use it in another computer.

Synchronization by CHUNKs.:

Even if your hosting company allows remote connection to the SQL Server (although it is highly unlikely for a shared hosting company), whenever you got a database with a big size, or if you have slow internet, you will be stucked. If your internet speed is slow and if you are connecting your remote SQL server in a traditional way without this software, then you may face Request Timeout error from your server; Also if you are using MyLittleAdmin and uploading a big size database, you will get the same MaxTimeout error. But this program removes all of these limitations. You can define the number of table Rows that will be synchronized in a single http request. So, if your internet speed is slow, reduce this value to a small number and you will be just fine.

Concerned about your time and money:

When you are looking at a complicated SQL Manager or SQL Synchronizer software in the market and decided to learn that software, you may add the opportunity cost of your learning time to the price of that software and see how expensive it becomes. On the contrary, this TINY little tool will take no time to let you learn. Also, we have beaten the lowest price of any SQL Synchronizer software in the market where the other Synchronizers even do not do the same jobs that this one does.

Keywords: SQL Server

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