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By: SpiceLogic Inc.  09-12-2011
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Building an HTML WYSIWYG editor oriented Windows application on .NET Framework could never been simpler. You are a .NET Developer, looking for a WYSIWYG editor control that will take / return HTML string and you want that your application should run on .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.x, right ? You have landed to the right place. SpiceLogic offers you a highly efficient .NET WYSIWYG editor control for Windows which GETs and SETs Html string. You can use this control for developing windows applications like Web Page Content editor, full Web Page editor, email message composer or any application that uses a rich formatted text editor for your user. The control comes with 2 special value properties, "BodyHtml" and "DocumentHtml". The BodyHtml Gets/Sets the partial html content like <b> Hello World</b>. The DocumentHtml Gets/Sets the whole html document which can be used for a full web page like <html><head></head><body><b> Hello World </b></body></html>

The editor comes with many HTML editing tools. You can customize all of the items in the toolbars. Even if you do not want to use the default factory items and instead use your own, this control provides you a user friendly interface to build your own toolbar items. All the factory items are fully customizable. Moreover, all toolbar item functionalities can be implemented externally using the rich set of public methods. This time you do not need to be bothered about localization. You can customize all the texts and replace the factory provided dialogues with your own dialogues in your own language! It is highly optimized for Windows Vista 64 bit operating systems. Html value properties are optimized for Data Binding. It is featured with many useful public properties, methods, and events. A good spell checker is just built in there. Also body style can be edited using a rich GUI CSS editor, which is available both in Design time and run time.

Main features include..

  • Basic enough for even the most novice of users.
  • Optimized for Vista 64 bit OS.
  • Design time GUI Collection editor available for manipulating the properties of the toolbar items.
  • Fully customizable context menu.
  • Easier interface to add new toolbar item.
  • A featured Spell Checker is just Built in.
  • Two editing modes available: WYSIWYG design mode, Raw Html source mode.
  • GUI CSS Builder available both from design mode and run-time.
  • Most Common HTML editing tools.
  • Many useful class properties, methods and events to make your way of customization easier.
  • Supports Relative URLs including but not limited to Image src, Hyperlinks etc.
  • HTML can be retrieve as plain old HTML, XHTML and XML
  • Generates clean <span> tags for font elements; (<span style="font-family:Verdana">text here.</span> (not <font face="verdana">text here.</font>)
  • GUI Dialog for Table Insert/Update
  • GUI Dialog for editing table cells.
  • HTMLChanged event, fires as soon as the html is changed, similar to TextChanged property of a TextBox Control
  • Pasting event fires just before a content is being pasted to the editor. The event argument object can be used to alter the pasting content or cancel the event.
  • GUI Search dialog; Search API is also available for implementing your own search user interfaces.
  • Property available for choosing Single Line Break or Paragraph on Enter key response
  • Methods available for getting or setting Caret position by Points.
  • Word Wrap property (GET/SET)
  • Read Only property (GET/SET)
  • Scrollbar visibility properties (GET/SET)
  • Methods available for getting or setting the Scrollbar position by Point.)

Fully functional Trial Version available for download with sample project solutions in C#.NET/VB.NET for Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010.

Keywords: Windows

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