ASP.NET PayPal Control for Website Payments Standard

By: SpiceLogic Inc.  09-12-2011
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Challenges of PayPal Integration to your ASP.NET Website

PayPal Integration to an ASP.NET website is tedious and challenging. Because,

  • PayPal 'Buy Now' and other buttons are required to be an HTML form placed into your web page. But, ASP.NET Web Forms renders HTML forms and so an ASP.NET Web Form cannot contain another nested HTML form. Therefore, you would need to adopt a very hard way of manual coding. Even if you adopt any hard way, re usability of your 'hard way' would be a question when you will need to change your business logic.
  • There is No ASP.NET object oriented interface available for PayPal Website Payments Standard. Without strong object oriented API, integration of PayPal Gateway to your ASP.NET Website becomes a tedious and frustrating task. Even after the PayPal Integration is complete, it becomes a maintenance nightmare for developers specially who love to practice Object Oriented Design Patterns and Principles.
  • The concept of Instant Payment Notification and Payment Data Transfer is very unclear to most of the novice users.
  • It is very very hard to adopt the coding for generating Encrypted Website Payments Button on the fly. Most of the developers give up using Encrypted Website Payments Button when they need to mess with Certificate stuffs. But, Encrypted Payment Buttons are the real need for Website Payments Standard.
  • A developer cannot pass through as many data as he wants for tracking a transaction.
  • And many more...

So, what is the solution ?

SpiceLogic Inc. developed a Single DLL

ASP.NET Web Form Server Control


ASP.NET MVC Framework Component

that encapsulates the protocol/API/SDK of

PayPal Website Payments Standard

, exposing a rich set of strongly typed objects and enhanced design time graphical user interface wizard. The assembly contains a set of Controls/Components. These are









. Very organized

available for providing an object oriented pleasure to the web application developers who want to integrate PayPal payment system to their ASP.NET Websites. If you have a basic idea about Object Oriented Programming and how to use your


account, then, within few steps, you can start earning money using our ASP.NET PayPal Control / ASP.NET PayPal MVC Component. It is a time tested solution.

By the way, if you are looking for a solution to implement

PayPal Website Payments Pro Direct Credit Card Payment

into your website, we can offer a FREE solution if you purchase a license for this Control. We can offer the PayPal Pro Direct Credit Card payment solution both for ASP.NET Web Form / ASP.NET MVC either in C# or VB.NET.

You know, if you implement PayPal Pro (Direct Credit Card Payment) in your website, you must offer a regular PayPal Standard Checkout option to your customer according to PayPal policy. So, you can make use of this Control for Website payments standard anyway even if you are implementing Website Payments Pro.

Key Features of the ASP.NET Web Form Control / ASP.NET MVC Component:

Enhanced Design time Smart Tag Graphical User Interface Wizard for Web Forms:

Encrypted Website Payments Button Generation On the Fly:

If you do not have PKCS12 and PEM certificates, Guess What!!! The design time GUI will generate those certificates for you. You just need to stick to this control. The following shot shows the usage in Web Form but our online documentation shows details about using in ASP.NET MVC Framework as well.

Ok, we are talking about Web Form usages, you must be wondering, how to use in ASP.NET MVC framework ? As MVC Component is just about using the class library without any Visual GUI, the online documentation is the place where we have explained in details. For your satisfaction, here is a screen shot about MVC usage.

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and Payment Data Transfer (PDT):

For the Web Form context, IPN & PDT are considered as if those are the very control's server side events. IPN & PDT variables are available as the properties of Event Argument Object. Thus, a developer can design a single page for the complete e Commerce logic by using a PayPal Button in a web form and attach event handler methods for IPN/PDT events. Although you can use different page dedicated for IPN/PDT; this control comes with dedicated IPN/PDT handlers as well. It is also easy to handle IPN/PDT in the ASP.NET MVC Context. You can simply provide the Controller/Action URL for IPN and PayPal Return properties and the component will do the rest.

State Management:

Why should you choose our control/component for PayPal Integration !

Without this control or component, you need to write a lots of code, and being a developer, you already know that, the more code you write, more errors you invite.

Think about it! You have an excellent business idea what you are rushing to implement. You just don't want to spend all of your time learning protocols from PayPal manuals, writing lots of code and fighting with errors before your target market gets saturated with your competitor's products/services, Right ? We are expert on PayPal payment gateway / services, learning from their manuals and getting updated time to time, working hard for encapsulating their protocols, testing and finally giving you the .NET interface while you can engage yourself reshaping your Business Logic, how is that !

Finally, our support team is eagerly waiting for hearing your questions and problems and desperate to please you by providing you a solution of your problems or questions. Therefore, if you do not have time to go thru any manuals, simply submit your question to our

and we will answer you. That will not only save your time, but also it will give you more confidence and relief from headaches.

your trial version of ASP NET PayPal Control for Website Payments Standard today. We are confident about our product and so our trial version never expires. Take as long time as you need to evaluate.

Keywords: Paypal Website, Paypal Website Payments, web application,

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