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By: Roadhouse Roofing  07-08-2015
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Roadhouse Roofing is your best choice for professional roofing services in Regina & Area. From the free estimate to the final clean up, we provide superior service, high-quality products and impeccable workmanship. Our services include: Remove and dispose of old shingles and replace roof deck board as required. Use ice and water membrane underlayment (high-end titanium product available) that serves to protect your roof against water back-up, two rolls or six feet from the leading edge ensuring protection at least three feet past the interior wall. Install drip edge as a further means of protecting your roof from water back-up and ice damming. Remove and replace old passive vents and exhaust flashings as required, as well as cut in and install new passive vents. (Our experienced roofing installers will determine the proper number of ventilation units required for your attic size, ensuring proper airflow to prevent ice damming issues.) Clean eaves troughs and trim back any overhanging tree branches Meticulous clean up on all Roofing Services Roadhouse Roofing gets the job done! Roadhouse Roofing offers 5 year workmanship warrantee. We stand behind our work! Our crew leaders are fall arrest certified and all employees are WCB protected. We offer six nails per shingle as a standard. We do this because six nails increases the wind warranty of your shingles and can help prevent blow-off in our windy Saskatchewan climate. Roadhouse Roofing offers on-site problem solving. Unfortunately, not all roofs are designed properly – some roofs have inherent flaws creating areas on your roof where water can pool which may lead to shingle erosion and leaking. If necessary we offer general contracting to ensure proper roof slope and structure. Laminated Fiberglass Shingles – 35 year warranty Asphalt – 25 year warranty – industry standard Building Products Canada is a Canadian shingle manufacturer whose products (Harmony and Rampart) we work with as a standard. The good people at Enercon products (306 721-7544) supply our shingles. They are always happy to give an informed opinion on roofing materials and our company’s level of service.

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