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By: Regina Volleyball Club  09-12-2011

RVC has arranged a series of 'steak' nights with our friends at the 4 Seasons Restaurant to help our families raise funds to offset their RVC volleyball expenses this year. Tickets are available now for:
March 12 – Steak nights
March 18 – Chicken and Rib nights

Tickets are sold for $20 per plate.

Team managers /coaches or RVC members can

and tickets will be distributed accordingly.  The seller will need to collect the $20.00 at point of sale and provide $10.00 to Dennis that goes to the restaurant - that means a $10 profit for each ticket sold to the seller to offset their volleyball expenses this year. The entire team does not have to be involved.  If one parent wants to sell tickets on their own that is totally fine.  This money doesn't go to the team, it goes to the individual person selling the tickets. There are a limited number of tickets each night so get out and sell them now.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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RVC News | Regina Volleyball Club - rvc news

A full-line of optional RVC clothing will be available to players following team selections. Each age-class will have 2 sessions starting at the same time on each day. Ensure that you have registered online before coming to the first session. Uniforms: Samples for uniform sizing will be available at tryouts. If an absence is unavoidable.