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By: Neil Squire Society  09-12-2011

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Lisa had learned limited computer skills as a receptionist for an insurance company, a job she had held for twelve years, but found that those skills were not really transferable as the program she used there was only used in that particular office. So when she got a computer for her home she knew she needed some help learning the basics. She learned about the from her at .

Lisa says she sometimes has trouble remembering the lessons she has learned until about the third time, but it has still been beneficial. “I think it’s been very positive and challenging for me. Everyone (in the classroom) has something different to offer, which is good because we’re all in one room and if one person doesn’t know the answer someone else will. It has been really good to learn in that environment,” says Lisa, adding “Munesh has helped me so much.” She has been learning to use the internet in general, as well and her calendar.

Since participating in the Lisa believes she has become more independent in dealing with her family. “We’re spread right across Canada.”

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This grant will ensure that our participants with spinal cord injuries increase their computer literacy, have access to computers with appropriate support, and ensure they have the necessary adaptive technology to assist them.. These funds will help the Society deliver the to adults with spinal cord injuries in British Columbia.