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By: Neil Squire Society  09-12-2011
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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

The Neil Squire Society’s Atlantic region and , a global leader in outsourced customer support services, have forged a new partnership in , , a city on the rise. The seeds of this partnership were planted nearly two years ago when Bev Grasse, Employment Specialist for the Atlantic region, first met with a representative from . However, for many months, the conditions were just not quite right for growing this new partnership. Then, by chance, the right catalyst happened to come along. Someone who the Neil Squire Society staff had met with and talked to about our services was hired by as a recruiter. From that time on, the partnership began to flourish.

is a large, international company with over 145 contact centres in twelve countries and approximately 67,000 associates worldwide. The contact centre, which does both inbound and outbound calls, has over 650 associates. It provides outsourced customer support services for , , and even . Although, 650 associates sounds like a very large number, in is still growing. Before this holiday season, is looking to hire one hundred more associates for both unilingual and bilingual positions. The Neil Squire Society hopes to play an important role in filling those gaps.

With the magnitude of their company, has had difficulty finding enough qualified people to fill so many positions. When new recruiter told those in charge of hiring about the Neil Squire Society, they jumped at the opportunity to benefit from the untapped labour force of highly skilled people represented by the Neil Squire Society. Now, before the start of each orientation and training session for new employees, Employment Coordinator will contact the Neil Squire Society and consult with Bev Grasse, our Employment Specialist, to see if we have any qualified individuals interested in working for .

Even more exciting is that the partnership with in is only the first step. also operates a contact centre in and is looking to expand to home based customer support services in various regions of as well. These both represent excellent employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, and Bev Grasse, Employment Specialist, will be working hard over the next few months to nurture this growing partnership.

Keywords: employment opportunities

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