Prospector - Predictive Dialer Controller Software

By: Marketel Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Call Center, call centers, Predictive Dialing

Prospector®, MarkeTel’s revolutionary predictive dialing software, designed for call centers of all sizes and ambitions.

Prospector® maximizes productivity, reduces operating expenses and increases profits while allowing for unlimited growth. Call center managers can choose to use any level of MarkeTel set-up (or all), from the Caller ID Display Boxes to the , or even ! Prospector® requires agents to use a passcode to log in to the system, enabling managers and supervisors the freedom to move them from station to station as campaigns vary. Agents can focus solely on the task of selling, thereby increasing profitability and reducing worker stress. In addition to this, training agents on the system takes just minutes, allowing the training focus to be, as it should, on productive sales!
  • Low training time: Train your agents in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Multiple simultaneous campaigns: Have groups of agents working on different campaigns at the same time!
  • Multiple phonebooks per campaign: Call from more than one call list/phonebook from within the same campaign, or call the same phonebook for different campaigns!
  • Import call lists and change settings on-the-fly: Create phonebooks, add more phone numbers, change speed settings, try a new dialing order and more, while your agents are dialing through a campaign.
  • Windows explorer style navigation: Effective navigation style enables you to jump from one area in the program to another with ease. Based on Windows Explorer, all users of this sleek user-friendly interface will find it simple to use and quickly to adjust to.
  • Large phonebook support: Handles phonebooks containing hundreds of thousands of records with ease and rapidity.
  • Agent passcode login: All campaign statistics are kept per agent, enabling managers to move agents from station to station without having to re-define the location of agent to match that of the reports.
  • Large seat capacity: Run upto 96 agents from one controller computer!
  • Grouping of tree nodes: Automatically groups nodes in the tree menu to help you to better manage and organize your campaigns. Also offers the ability to manually configure the groupings of the menu.
  • Filter phonebooks: Find individual records or groups of records from your phonebooks by filter searching. Also includes the option to create new phonebooks based on the results of your search criteria in existing phonebooks.
  • Various speed setting options include:
  • Auto adjust speed settings: The software can automatically adjust your speed settings for you in real-time to maximize each dialer chain's performance. Auto adjust is capable of maintaining separate speed settings for each dialer chain, enabling accurate settings based on run-time conditions.
  • Set your call abandon limit: Stay compliant with FCC rules and regulations. Setting the call abandon limit helps determine how aggressively you wish to dial.
  • Option to switch to speed dialer mode when call abandon limit has been exceeded: Once the abandon limit has dropped to the desired level the dialer will automatically switch back to predictive mode keeping performance optimal and staying compliant at the same time.
  • User notification and set-up wizards to guide you through all operation processes. Features progress bars and animations to ensure that you know the program is working hard.
  • Mix local and long distance numbers in the same phonebook.
  • TeleBlock® internet call blocking integration:
    With TeleBlock®’s internet call blocking feature, you can have all of your do-not-call numbers stored in a single location, blocking calls with a lightning-fast internet query.
  • Full manual call tracking: Full recording of manually called numbers to help you better monitor your agents. Also features the option to prevent your agents from making manual calls.
  • Set your own dialing orders: Target areas of your call-list by setting your primary and secondary dialing orders. Dialing order options include: phone number, zip code, city, state, random, attempts, or even custom fields and more! Also includes dialing by time zones. This feature enables you to set the hours you wish to call into different time zones preventing you from calling after hours.
  • Real-time reporting: See how your agents are performing in real-time! These detailed real-time statistics show you your agents call result totals, first-log on time, total time logged on, time connected and much more!
  • Historical web-based reporting: Build detailed reports for past or present campaigns from any location. Includes in-depth data tables, pie charts, candlestick charts and more!
  • Real-time export: Have all of your sales/leads export real-time into a selected file.
  • Real-time print: Have all of your sales/leads sent to the printer. Using RTF templates you can choose to have your sales/leads printed on your standard order forms, or letters with your company letterhead!
  • Real-time e-mail: Have all of your sales/leads e-mailed to you as they happen. EML templates enable you to format the presentation of the e-mail containing the sale/lead information.

Keywords: Call Center, call centers, Predictive Dialing

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