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By: Greystone Managed Investments  09-12-2011

In Greystone’s system, it’s the role of fixed income investments to enhance portfolio value while simultaneously producing real income (cash flow) and curbing overall risk.

Active managers, we add value by targeting duration, sector selection, credit risk and pricing anomalies among individual securities. We treat cash and short-term investments as a separate asset class, managing a separate, diversified portfolio of short-term investments.

We offer several targeted strategies:

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Greystone Managed Investments Inc. - Products & process - balanced portfolios

After the asset allocation decision is made, our teams then build and manage portfolios from the bottom up, using internal research, personal experience and a disciplined process for trading individual securities. Greystone's Chief Investment Officer, Robert Vanderhooft, CFA leads this committee, which meets weekly or more frequently as need arises.


Greystone Managed Investments Inc. - Products & process - north american equity

Greystone's approach to North American equity investing is deeply rooted in our growth philosophy -- a belief that a company's ability to generate sustainable earnings growth directly affects its stock price. Greystone’s North American Equity Growth Fund blends the proven investment processes of our Canadian and US teams in one portfolio. We manage portfolio risk by ensuring the fund is broadly diversified across all industry sectors.


Greystone Managed Investments Inc. - Products & process - products

Balanced fund investing Chosen by most Greystone clients, we design and manage a complete portfolio of fixed income, domestic equities and international equities. Our in-house investment teams cover fixed income, Canadian equities, US equities, mortgages and real estate. Specialty investing Our services are also available for each specific asset class.