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By: Gooder Custom Golf Clubs  09-12-2011
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What's it all going to cost?  That depends greatly on which components are best for YOU.  The information below will give you an idea of what you'd be looking at.

Note:  Any prices that are posted are in Canadian funds.  Canadian residents are subject to GST, Saskatchewan residents are subject to PST and GST.  Taxes are NOT included in prices.  If you are outside of Canada, there are NO taxes.

Please understand that there is SOOOO much more to building a good golf club than just "cut and glue".  Special attention must be given to every detail in order for the golf clubs to perform to their potential.  Each and every club I build will be "Blueprinted" - which will include the following;

  • Proper shaft orientation (spine-alignment/FLO)
  • Shafts profiled and frequency matched (flex)
  • Swingweight matched or MOI matched
  • Loft angles checked and adjusted as necessary
  • Lie angles checked and adjusted as necessary
  • Finish to proper length and install grip

I will offer you value-added product and service - much more than you can get "off-the-shelf".  I have experience, qualification, certification, the necessary special tooling/equipment, and utilize only top-notch components.  When it comes to the build, every detail is given the attention it deserves - I treat each club as if I were building it for my own use.  Since I'm the only employee, every club that is created here is done with great care and attention by my hands, one at a time, to my standards (and I'm kinda picky), and to your unique specifications.  I will stand behind every single club I build.

2011 Labor Rates & Fitting Fees

Assemble Club (1 only) (Includes special "Blueprinting" procedures).

* $50.00 + head + shaft + grip

Assemble Clubs (2+) (Includes special "Blueprinting" procedures).

* $40.00 (each) + head + shaft + grips

Re-Grip your club

* $5.00 (each) + grip(s)

Re-Shaft your club (1 only) (Includes special "Blueprinting" procedures).

* $60.00 + shaft + grip

Re-Shaft your clubs (2+) (Includes special "Blueprinting" procedures).

* $50.00 (each) + shaft + grips

Re-Shaft your club (any quantity) (if you supply the shaft)

* $70.00 (each) + grip

Basic Shaft Pull Only (bore-through, composite crown, or "special" designs additional fees apply)

* $20.00/each

Remove Broken Shaft

* $35.00/each

Ream .355" (taper tip) hosel to accept .370" (parallel tip) shaft
(this is encountered when re-shafting or retrofitting .355" taper hosel irons)

* $8.00/clubhead

Check/Adjust Loft & Lie (per club) * $8.00/each
Re-Groove wedge or iron (if grooves worn too badly, head should be replaced) * $10.00/each

If bore-through, composite crown, or "special" design (In addition to above fees)

* add $20.00/club

Certain Ping, Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade clubs may also require the use of special ferrules or adapters

* $ As required $
Fitting Fees Below Fitting Fees Below

Irons/Wedge fitting

$150.00 + GST
Driver only fitting $150.00 + GST
C ombination of the above (MUST be done in same session) $180.00 + GST (if done in same session)

*NOTE:   Shop supplies are charged on every shop invoice in addition to prices noted above (for ferrules, grip tape, solvent, acetone, cutting and prepping supplies, tooling and equipment supplies, wear and tear on tooling and equipment, lead powder, shaft tip weights, brass or tungsten hosel port weights for swingweighting or MOI matching, etc.).

** The launch monitor is used to acquire many key elements of the swing and ball flight - swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, angle of attack, back spin, side spin, shot direction, carry distance, total distance, flight time, ball height, descent angle, swing path, face angle at impact.. and more. **

Assembly time can be anywhere from 4 days, up to 3 weeks (depending on availability of components).  Left-handed club heads may not be available in every model, I will note all of the exceptions on the club head pages.

** My Disclaimer: ** My clubs will not be the cheapest available on the market - I'll let you know that right now - CUSTOM ANYTHING COSTS MONEY.   If you want the cheapest golf clubs your money can buy, you might want to take a trip to your local Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire store - they carry clubs that are mass produced, "cut & glued", assembled the cheapest way possible - Don't expect your game to improve.  You see, almost anyone (including my 7-year old) can cut a shaft and glue a golf club together (that's the easy part), it is very doubtful that they will perform well, or consistent from club to club.  True custom club fitting and engineering is an art - to do it right requires pride, great care, attention to detail, quality components, and some very high-tech specialized equipment.  These performance enhancements will be reflected in the finished product.  Your properly enhanced custom engineered clubs will perform better, and more consistently than any off-the-rack units - remember, good golf is consistent golf.  I can assure you that the clubs you purchase from Gooder Custom Golf Clubs will be made the best I can possibly make 'em.  Your clubs will be made for you and your swing, they will be custom fitted and assembled by hand one at a time with the exact same care, attention, and detail I would put into my own clubs.  I have a great passion for the game of golf, the art of club making, and take great pride in the work I do - I will build each and every club like I were building it for my own use.  I will stand behind every club I build.  You have my word on that!

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