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By: Garden Creations  09-12-2011

Our designs start with an in-depth consultation to get an idea of what your vision is for your yard. Following is a series of meetings to make sure nothing is missed. Our goal is to make the final product functional while keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

The design package features full scale drawings (24 x 36") that are fully colourized computer images and usually consist of a Master Plan, Planting Plan, Surface Treatment Plan, and a Details page. We also use 3d programs to help convey the point where necessary. Also included is a cost estimate for the materials and labour for Garden Creations to do the construction.

Xeriscaping is an environmentally friendly approach to landscaping by keeping it low-maintenance and water-efficient. There are misconceptions to xeriscaping that conjure up images of desert like landscapes with few plants and harsh rocks everywhere, this is a myth. Xeriscaping isn't a particular style but just a way of landscaping, you can have anything from a cottage theme to naturalized/mixed borders to more conventional designs. It can be used for homes and acreages to schools, businesses and parking lots. Call now for more information on xeriscaping and to start your design today.

At Garden Creations we have over ten years experience in Landscape Construction and can build any design we have created or anything you may have conceived. Our crews put as much care and attention into the construction as do with our designs, while keeping it unique to each and every yard as if it was one of our own.

We also offer consultation services for the do-it-yourselfers who need a little guidance. Our consultations start at $80/hr and can help you with anything from a layout of your new yard to plant suggestions, and everything in between.

Snow Removal
In Regina we receive an average of 116 cm of snow each year. We offer residential snow removal services to help make the long winter months a little more bearable. Please call for a free quote.

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