By: Degelman  09-12-2011


We designed the Speedblade® with a low profile so the operator can have the highest visibility as possible. So you can see what's going on in front of you for increased safety, accuracy and efficiency. Even the optional snow/silage extensions are designed with visibility and performance in mind.


With the ability to position the wings wide-up to 18' wide-you can use your skid steer loader to move snow five times faster than a conventional plow alone. And with the option to hydraulically put the wings at whatever angle you want, you can change the width as you go depending on snow fall and how much room you have to maneuver.


The Speedblade® is as maneuverable as your skid steer itself. In fact, you can position the blade small enough to go through spaces only a few inches wider than your skid steer. So whether it's big parking lots, sidewalks or industrial yards, you can change the width on the fly depending on the job and dart around the site quickly and easily. Available in 15' & 18' widths.

Other products and services from Degelman


Ice Breaker

With its unique hydraulic folding wings that allow the blade to fold in under legal transport regulations, you can take ICE BREAKER® virtually any place you want without a trailer. We designed the sides of the ICE BREAKER® to include a unique scalloped wing tip that allows you to doze flush with a building or a curb.



The unique design of the cone gusset provides a self-cleaning surface to prevent snow and ice from accumulating while increasing structural support to the side plates. The Strongbox® is equipped with unique skid shoes that mount flush with the side plate, letting you clean closer than ever to walls and curbs. This box blade is a simple, strong and effective tool for high volume snow removal and is so unique it has four patents behind the name.



Degelman Land Levelers are built with the same strength and durability as their renowned bulldozer blades, incorporating high-quality cylinders and replaceable MaxTemp® cutting edges. Available in ten foot or 12 foot widths, with a blade height of 34 inches, the LL3050 and the LL3650 have a capacity of two and 2-1/2 cubic yards respectively.


Bulldozer Blades

We build wear bands into our cylinder system made out of a special high-grade wear material that eliminates scoring on the shaft and cylinder wall during high side loads. Whatever degree your blade is angled at, adding a High Volume Side Plate means you can dramatically improve the amount of volume you can push. Our Degelman Silage Extensions are made from heavy-grade steel and are two feet high so you have maximum volume control.