Ice Breaker

By: Degelman  09-12-2011
Keywords: snow removal

Our customers asked for a big, powerful snow removal blade that's easy to transport-and they got it. There is no snow and ice blade on the market quite like the Degelman ICE BREAKER®. With its unique hydraulic folding wings that allow the blade to fold in under legal transport regulations, you can take ICE BREAKER® virtually any place you want without a trailer. No more hooking and unhooking and wasting time.


Everyone's Extra, Is Our Standard.

  • The most robust blade in the industry.
  • Industrial strength design.
  • Seven dozing angles.
  • Two-feet steel sections.
  • Reversible 1”x 8” high carbon cutting edges.
  • Oversized trips.


  • No welding: minimal bolt-on brackets only.
  • Double-skin blade construction.
  • Attaches in minutes with D-lock® Quick-Tach.
  • Degelman industrial-strength cylinders.
  • Rippled-formed blade.

One Blade Fits All.

Tractor, backhoe, loader, front name it..

If you have a machine in mind that would be a perfect fit for the ICE BREAKER®, we’ll match it up with one of our mounts.

Clean Closer Than Ever.

We designed the sides of the ICE BREAKER® to include a unique scalloped wing tip that allows you to doze flush with a building or a curb. No more snow or debris build-ups against buildings or curbs. The ICE BREAKER® gets right to the surface, cleanly.

Quickly Fold For Transport.

At the touch of a hydraulic lever, the ICE BREAKER® folds up quickly and easily, eliminating the need for trailing equipment and use of extra-staged ploughs. The six foot center section units fold to a remarkable transport width of 8 feet-5 inches, the 8 foot center section units fold to 10 feet-5 inches..and the 10 foot center section units fold down to 12 feet-5 inches.

Pick An Angle, Any Angle.

The ICE BREAKER® boasts seven possible blade formations, depending on the job you need to do. All easily hydraulically controlled at the touch of a lever. It means optimum control over materials or snow.

Blade Size Options

Center Blade Section: 6’, 8’, 10’

Right/Left Wing Blades: 2’ & 4’

Highest Pivot Point.

The ICE BREAKER® features the highest pivot point on a tripping edge in its category. So obstacles don't slow you down and tractor shock is considerably reduced. The tripping edges are managed by oversized industrial-strength coil springs. When the edge trips up, specially-designed urethane donuts dampen the spring's return on the way down, to eliminate any jarring as the blade returns to its original position. In addition, the springs are enclosed, so snow and debris build-up can't happen.

2-Foot Trip Sections.

Possessing the heaviest and highest trip mechanism in the industry, the ICE BREAKER® blade is designed in two-foot steel sections. The short sections ensure that obstacles such as manhole covers don't slow you down. The trip sections just lift up over the obstacle and smoothly reset back to their original setting, so snow loss is kept to a minimum and speed and safety are maintained. Plus, the two-foot steel sections are reversible and interchangeable, so when wear and tear happens, there's an easy maintenance solution.

Silage Ready.

The ICE BREAKER® can also be used as a powerful silage mover. The blade can be outfitted with an optional see-through silage extension so you can use the blade to move silage while still benefitting from the blade's ability to fold-up and stay under legal transport widths. If silage is your main priority, you may wish to consider our new PileDriver silage blade.

Keywords: snow removal

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