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By: C-Green  09-12-2011

C-Green Carbon Management Solutions

C-Green currently has millions of verified tons ready for purchase.  The verifications include field and farm inspections of over 40% of the contracted acreage.  The verifications have been conducted by Saskatchewan Crop Insurance.  C-Green has the highest verification standards that go above and beyond any regulated market.  The verifications include satellite imagery, farmer supplied documentation for proof of ownership for project equipment and in field inspections with photographs are taken to make sure that projects meet the compliance requirements as set forth.  Our maximum tillage allowed for projects is 2% per 160 acres and no more than 33% soil disturbance on any equipment.  

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If you have land that has recently been converted to hay or grassland call us to find out what we can do for you to get carbon credits. We are the only company in Canada that has sold these types of credits. We are currently contracting acres for these types of practices. Contracting farmland engaged in minimum and no-till practices. Contracting hog and dairy operations with anaerobic digesters.