By: Bwi Police  09-12-2011

It's not news to anyone that criminals and their loot move around. That's why investigating property crime is no simple matter. Investigators consume too much valuable time examining a mountain of hardcopy transaction reports which are typically not shared amongst different police agencies.

A key design feature of the BWI Hosted Police Automated Reporting Service is its ability to share transaction data across multiple jurisdictions as the property dealers are reporting to a common or shared police database.

The BWI Hosted Police Automated Reporting Service is a complete end-to-end system served up by way of the Internet to both the reporting property dealers and the investigating officers.  As a shared system, it eliminates the need for IT infrastructure and support and offers a complete suite of features designed by police for police work.  This service integrates a comprehensive property dealer reporting interface to a full featured police transaction investigation tool.  It can be implemented in any reporting jurisdiction in a matter of days and can be "skinned" or branded to appear as your police agency's pawn reporting web site.

The hosted service is designed to enable the pawn and used goods businesses to fulfill their property registration obligations to the police. As such, BWI’s mission is to provide the technology and services that support the law enforcement agencies, businesses, and property owners in their efforts to work together towards a safer community.

Further, as a shared system, we are able to offer the service at rates that are affordable for all law enforcement agencies regardless of size! We pass on to the subscribing police agencies the economies of scale realized in a shared environment.

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Business Watch International offers a complete range of software, services and pricing models aimed at providing police and the pawn and secondhand industry a complete, end-to-end solution for automating pawn and secondhand transaction reporting. Regional Automated Property Information Database – This is a stand alone application that resides on your infrastructure behind your security and under the control of your IT management.