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By: Envirosafe Chemicals Canada  17-04-2013
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D'Limonene Safe-Solve Contact Cleaner Description MSDS  D'Limonene Safe-Solve is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, very effective, safe solvent used to remove dirt, grease, oil, sludge, varnish, from parts, electrical equipment, engines, carburetors, transformers, generators.D'Limonene Safe-Solve is based on citrus byproduct and the major component of orange oil. It is a C 10 Monocyclic terpene. D'Limonene Safe-Solve is very effective as a safety solvent and does not leave a residue or an undesirable film on the surface.Excellent for use in vapor degreaser because it is non toxic and does not form a dangerous vapor in the atmosphere and application areas Highly Reliable | High Density | Low Surface Tension | Pleasant Odor (orange-Lemon)Applications Degrease and cleaner to replace TCE solvent Cleaner for electrical and mechanical equipment Water repellent Cleans heavy metal parts Cleans transformers Removes oil, grease, sludge and dirtThe manufacture of D'Limonene Safe-Solve is ecologically sound since discarded citrus pulp and peels from the citrus juice industry are used as the source material for this versatile chemical. Bio-Degradable | Natural Solvent | Non AcidicNon-corrosive | Non Toxic | Non PollutingLeaves No Film | Cleans Naturally | Highly Concentrated

Keywords: D’Limonene, D’Limonene Safe-Solve, Oil Industry,

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