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By: As Sk Propolis  09-12-2011

Bee Pollen
Research Results and Quotations

Improvement Mentally and Physically

The Spanish doctor R.L. Raret supplied bee pollen in cases of depressive syndromes and alcoholism. In all cases he noticed very good results. He states: ‘’from the beginning the results were so good, that I added bee pollen systematically to the diet of many thick people“.


At the university clinic in Vienna, Prof. Weghaupt and Prof. Gitsch and a team of doctors tested bee pollen on patients which were treated with radiation. 15 women received bee pollen in their diet in the amount of 20g daily, 10 women did not receive any bee pollen. The professors reported a decrease in various side effects in the group which were supplied with bee pollen. Lab tests showed a decrease in various side effects also. The use of bee pollen also relieves the stress caused by radiation therapy.


In tests with elderly people 70 years of age and over, bee pollen created an increase in energy and appetite. An increase in stamina and vitality was noticed for those using bee pollen on a regular basis.

Prevention - catarrh, influenza, colds
The Swedish Doctor Mark-Vendel did a study on 300 families, who suffered from chronic colds from fall til spring. After pollen was taken, 75 - 80% of the families tested, made it through the winter, year after year without these diseases reoccurring. Dr. Stephen Mark-Vendel is the leading doctor in a government clinic for children’s diseases in Sweden. He received practical and clinical experience with pollen in the government clinics. In 1957 he received 95 calls over a six week period. The children were infected with the Asian flu. The normal procedure was to hospitalize these children.

At first he treated the children with common medication and vitamin C, without noticeable results. Then the children were given pollen along with the other medication. In 48 hours they improved without fever. His colleagues in the same town, who were treating the same disease with common medications didn’t have this improvement on their patients.

In cases of measles and chicken pox, the diseases lasted only 24 - 36 hours without any complication, after pollen was administered. Dr. Mark-Vendel has tested this pollen therapy successfully in 600 cases in his practice over the years. There were no side effects.

Inflammation - Prostate

A team of Romanian doctors supplied 30g of bee pollen daily to 110 patients with chronic hepatitis (jaundice) over a period of 90 to 180 days. The lab tests showed that the proportion of bloodalbumine to gammaglobuline improved in all patients.

At two urological clinics in Uppsala and Lung, Sweden, pollen was tested on prostatitis and the enlargement of the prostate. With a daily supplement of 15 g of pollen they achieved good results.

Romanian doctors gave bee pollen to 34 patients (age 56-75) with prostate enlargement. Besides bee pollen the patients got propolis and royal jelly. After the bee pollen cure the patients reported a considerable improvement both physically and mentally. The doctors noted a reduction in the size of the prostate.

General Strengthen Effect

At the medical pharmaceutical congress in Florence in 1978, Prof. Olov Lindahl (Med. Fakultat, Linkoeping, Sweden) reported on the health benefits from bee pollen:

  1. Pollen is not toxic

  2. Pollen is not harmful to the unborn embryo

  3. Pollen helps the immune system to ward off all sorts of infections and disorder

  4. Pollen reduces the side-effects of infection if you are already infected

  5. Pollen assists in the healing of sores more rapidly.

He also states that pollen protects the upper breathing apparatus (nose, mouth and pharynx) against infections as clinical studies show.

The French Prof. Remy Chauvin discovered the bee pollen stabilizes and improves health. He declared, bee pollen has a regulatory effect on intestinal functions and is therefore effective in digestive disorders. In 1946 he discovered bee pollen to be effective in anemia as a biostimulator and that bee pollen increases the hemoglobin levels in the blood. Russian scientists confirm the results from Prof. Chauvin and state, that iron in the food is more easily digested with the intake of bee pollen.

Several clinical tests (Ab Cernelle, Vegeholm, Sweden) have shown, that extracts from pollen in general strengthens the whole body; for example tiredness, to increase energy for convalescents and stress.

Bee Pollen

  1. Is extremely rich in amino acids as well as lecithin and rutin

  2. Contains balanced and easily assimilated forms of choline, vitamins A, C, E, the B-complex vitamins and folic acid.

  3. Low in sodium and fat

  4. Possesses many essential minerals for good health, some are potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, manganese.


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