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By: Lambert Farm  09-12-2011

Thanks Graham for sending these pics and for fleshing out the Australian chapter of the Lambert story.

Picture 2: Marriage, 17 Apr 1914, at Granville, NSW.
Frank Lambert (b: 14 Oct 1889) and his bride, Jean D. Donaldson (b: 21 Mar 1893).

Picture 3

: Family trip to the zoo in Sydney, 1943.

From back row, left to right:

Frank Lambert (b: 14 Oct 1889) Graham’s grandfather.

Jean D. Lambert (Donaldson)(b: 21 Mar 1893) Frank’s wife.

Veronica Olga Parker Lambert (Furlong)(b: 19 Sep 1918) Graham’s mum.

Alice Lambert (Dodds)(b: 29 Sep 1915) Frank’s recently deceased son, Jock’s wife.

Lynette Elaine Lambert (b: 28 Jul 1941) Graham’s sister.

Roland Frank Lambert (b: 20 Apr 1918 Graham’s father.

Front row, left to right:
Brian Jock Lambert (b: 15 Sep 1938) Alice’s and Jock’s son.
Carole Veronica Lambert (b: 19 Aug 1939) Graham’s eldest sister.

Picture 4

: Some time just prior to 1942.

From left to right: (Frank was quite tall, above 6ft)

Roland Frank Lambert (b: 20 Apr 1918) Graham’s father.

Frank Lambert (b: 14 Oct 1889) Graham’s grandad.

Jock Selwyn Lambert (b: 22 Aug 1915) Graham’s uncle.

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Besides her parents she is survived by one brother Ed Lambert, three sisters Betty Ward, Jean Beck, & Hazel Williamson, two daughters Bonnie Irvin & Angela Montgrand, three sons Clint Shepherd, and a daughter-in-law Nicole John Shepherd & Winston Montgrand, eleven grandchildren, and one great grandchild.


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You’ll notice some teams have five per team (that’s fine with the course, they gave away one of my spots). We also need to be off the course by 12:40 as there is another tournament starting at 1 p.m. If you need me to make changes, please just let me know and I’ll switch some things around. If you didn’t specify that you would like to golf 18 holes….I just guessed. 9:20 Betty, Jeannie H., Mel, Ray. 10:30 Wayne, Lori, Emma, Brioney.


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The 10th hole social, prize presentation, & dinner was held in a rented trailer at the Prairie Oasis. Prior to tee off a photo session was held with Gertrude, Percy, and Winklers plus Edie’s bench. The 2010 annual Winkler golf tourney was held on June 5 at the Lynbrook Golf Club. Thanks all for attending, particularly donators of prizes, food, drinks, etc. The trophy winner is determined by the Modified Callaway System.


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