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By: Media 903  09-12-2011
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About the program:

At the end of each year we will draw a random entry who will receive free website design services valued at $1000.

Can't wait until the new year to get a website designed? Purchase your website and enter yourself into the draw anyways. If you end up the winner, we will reimburse you at the end of the year for your $1000 worth of design costs.

Enter for your chance to win:

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Keywords: Website Design

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Management of a site includes ensuring that the Web host gets paid, that the domain name registrations are regularly renewed and paid for, and additional software like encryption certificates are registered, paid for and properly installed. Commonly tracked statistics include page hits, bandwidth, location of visitors, traffic intensity over time, referrals and browser usage.


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Inexpensive ways to get the word out about a site include printing Web URL's all other promotional materials such as flyers, pamphlets, t-shirts and mugs, and on non-promotional materials such as business cards and invoices. If the subject of the site will be of value to a particular interest group, attend local club meetings or promote the site through online resources like newsgroups and listservs.


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As a general-purpose language, PHP can easily combine with other technologies for various purposes such as developing applications, content management systems and e-commerce development as needed. As an important part of the popular LAMP stack (other being Linux, Apache and MySQL), PHP scripting language is the main choice of web developers around the world.


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Oct 01, 2009 Winroc is a leader in the drywall distribution industry, located all across north america with their head office in Calgary Alberta .They needed a fully customized e-commerce site including the ability to process online payments and order processing.


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The designer of a site consisting of a large quantity of content delivered over hundreds of pages, should consider the use of server-side technology that allows this content to be delivered without requiring that each individual page be manually coded and maintained. An e-commerce venture that connects to a database and credit card processing gateways will require increased server-side management and resources for security and data maintenance.


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The kind of Web host that a designer will pick for a site will depend on the type of organization for whom the site's been built. Large companies with significant IT resources may choose to host the site on their own in-house servers. An Internet name registrar will lease the use of an available name.


Media 903 Website Design Saskatchewan

E-Commerce applications, content management solutions, web service programming, news feeds, customer review applications, file uploads ect..