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By: ringside roofing  19-06-2010
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Meet the Gohrke Boys! We are a Boxing Family, and we do Roofing for a living. We live and work in the Gravelbourg District. We give free estimates to everyone n Gravelbourg, Lafleche, Assiniboia, Mossbank and District.


Our Services:

-Roofing new and re-roofing Residential Homes
- Roofing new and re-roofing Agricultural buildings
- Roofing Repairs
- Roofing Vent Installations

We are committed to service and the quality of our work. Our company is based out of Gravelbourg Saskatchewan, and we service Southern Central Saskatchewan. No job too small for us!

Our crew is dedicated to serving you. When you contact us we do our best to accomadate you and provide timely service. We listen to the requests of our clients and focus on making them happy. When finished we leave the worksite clean and presentable. Our dedication is making every customer happy.

We offer flexible prices and payment options. Our energetic company is dedicated to providing 100% satisfaction. From small residential jobs to bigger agricultural projects our crew will do their best to accomadate you. Contact us today or visit our services page to learn more about how we will fit your needs.

Choosing a Roofing contractor and the proper roofing system are key to protecting your home and contents against the harsh elements that mother nature throws at us here in Saskatchewan Canada!.

The Components of a Premium Roofing System


The roof deck must be in good condition. All rotten wood must be replaced when re-roofing your home. The deck should be clean and all existing shingles removed before asphalt shingle installation. Stripping the old shingles is the only way to inspect the deck for wood rot and to replace rotten wood to ensure a sound roof deck.

Considerable damage can be caused to the roof deck, along the eaves, when ice builds up during winter freeze/thaw cycle. Felt paper or waterproofing membrane is used on the deck to protect the deck from water penetration.

Drip edge is a metal flashing, which is installed along the edge of the roof deck at the eaves. Its purpose is to divert water into the eaves and protect the wood deck from rot.

Felt underlayment is installed on the roof deck, under the new shingles, to shed water that is driven under the shingles. It is a second line of defense. Asphalt Shingles are intended to shed water not to seal the roof.

The valleys on your roof are the most critical areas of the roof. They need extra protection. They can be metal or closed with an ice and water shield under the shingles.


Air venting is very important and often overlooked.

Shingle warranties are based on the weight of the shingles per 100 sq.ft.of coverage. We suggest a minimum of 233lb per sq. weight shingle for a premium roof.

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