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MemberDirect® is an innovative system that gives you 24-hour-on-line access to your personal or business accounts. With MemberDirect® online banking you will be able to handle most of your financial transactions from any computer connected to the Internet.  Simplifying the business of money management is what MemberDirect® is all about. With MemberDirect online banking you can:
  • Access both your personal and business accounts
  • Transfer funds and pay bills
  • View and print your statement information for up to a year
  • Search for specific account information
  • Transfer funds from one member number to another, provided it is within the Eastend Credit Union.
  • Look up current U.S. dollar exchange rates
  • Pay bill (current or postdated)
  • View/Print copies of your processed cheques

To begin MemberDirect® online banking you will need to:
  1. Contact Eastend Credit Union
  2. Arrange to sign an access agreement to receive your personal access code.
  3. Instruct credit union personnel as to which accounts you want to access.
  4. Our credit union personnel will explain and/or demonstrate MemberDirect to you.
  5. Our credit union can set up your bills so you can pay them online.
  6. Our credit union can set up your online account so that you can transfer to another e.c.u. accounts.

to access the Eastend Credit Union login screen HyperWallet?
You may have noticed the HyperWallet link on our home page and wondered what it is used for or how it works. I will give you a short description of what HyperWallet is and how it works: HyperWallet allows account holders to send cash to another person, deposit funds to any financial institution or purchase goods on-line with cash transferred directly from a user's account. HyperWallet is integrated in the MemberDirect banking interface which enables users to sign up directly within MemberDirect. Once signed up and using MemberDirect v5.0, account holders can transfer cash into their HyperWallet just as they would transfer funds from one account to another. The cash is immediately transferred into their "wallet" and they can then send or request money to or from anyone with an e-mail address.
Inter Credit Union Access (via turbo terminal)
This service allows members from other credit unions to access their account electronically. Using their MemberCard or MasterCard Global Payment card they are able to make deposits  and cash withdrawals. The Turbo Machine is located in branch and only available during business hours.
Wire Transfers Or Electronic Fund Transferred
This is a service set up to transfer funds to or from an account at a different financial institution.  This service gives members flexibility to transfer money faster than mail.
Canadian Money Orders, U.S. Drafts & Certified Cheques
Money Orders, U.S. Drafts and Certified Cheques are used for a variety of purposes. They are simply a guaranteed cheque, accepted readily as cash. These products are as good as cash in the hands of the payee. Available in both Canadian and American Funds. Money orders and U.S. drafts come complete with carbon copy receipt and can be traced if lost or stolen. Money orders can be purchased in denominations up to $500.00, drafts and certified cheques can be obtained in any denomination.
Utility Bill Payments
Eastend Credit Union provides the convenience to our members to be able to pay bills at the Credit Union. Funds can be taken directly from a members account and applied directly to members bill. Examples of bills that may be paid through Eastend Credit Union are: SaskTel, SaskPower, SaskEnergy, Bell Express View, and Town of Eastend Utilities.
Are purchased by the member to use instead of cash while traveling. Traveler's cheques can be replaced if lost or stolen. Available in both Canadian and U.S. funds (other currencies are available upon request). There are also various denominations the member can receive. Fees for traveler's cheques is 2% commission on the total dollar value.
This is a safe and secure storage facility available to our members. A safety deposit box is a secure place for your valuables to protect them from theft or loss, we have safety deposit boxes in a variety of sizes available for rent. Safety deposit boxes are housed in our main fireproof vault and locked up under combination locks. Access to your safety deposit is by signature and key only. The boxes are rented to the members for an annual fee, payable in January of each year. Sizes available are as follows:
  • 11/2 x 5 x 24 inches     
  • 21/2 x 10 x 24 inches
  • 5 x 5 x 24 inches
24 Hour Deposit Service
To provide members with a convenient means of depositing after business hours, there is an envelop slot located on the north side of our building where members can leave their deposits with us at anytime.  For larger deposits, locked night deposit bags are also available for an annual fee. Contact Eastend Credit Union for more details.
MemberCard ®
This is a debit card that is used to withdraw cash or pay for purchases electronically. This card debits your account at the time of the transaction. A PIN (Personal Identification Number) number is necessary in order to use a MemberCard.® With a Personal Identification Number you can access your account at ATM machines worldwide. Just look for the interlocking CIRRUS logo. Some limitations are in place such as a $400 maximum cash withdrawal and $800 daily withdrawal limit. There is also a $5,000.00 POS (point of sale) daily limit on all MemberCards for security purposes. Your PIN validates your MemberCard® debit card for use at all automated tellers. Your PIN is also your assurance that only you have access to you accounts. Access your funds across Canada and around the world. MemberCard® can be used to check account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and make loan payments at an eligible ATM. Members can also use their MemberCard® to make deposits to their accounts. This can be done at any credit union ATM that accepts deposits, and there is no service charge. However, a hold is put on the funds pending legitimacy of the deposit. The member cannot access the funds from the deposit until the hold expires. If your MEMBER CARD® debit card is lost or stolen contact us immediately by calling:
  • (306) 566-1276
  • 1 800-LOST111
  • 1 800-567-8111 (if out side of Canada) 

MasterCard Credit Cards

Automatic Loan Payments and Transfers
This service is offered to all members . Used to make loan payments or simply transfer between credit union accounts. Will automatically debit the member on a determined date as requested by the member.
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