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By: Bisonworld  09-12-2011
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Ground Meat
   Patties (3 lb box) /box
   Ground 3.50/lb
Sausage & Such
   Farmer Sausage 6.25/pkg
   Pepperoni Stick
   Jerky 4.75/pkg
   Stew Meat 3.95/lb
   Soup Bones 3.25/lb
   Short Ribs 3.25/lb
   Blade Steak 5.75/lb
   Round Steak 6.25/lb
   Sirloin Steak 7.95/lb
   Striploin Steak
   Ribeye Steak 12.25/lb
   Tenderloin (whole)
   Blade Roast 4.25/lb
   Cross Rib Roast 5.25/lb
   Round Roast 5.25/lb
   Sirloin Tip Roast 7.50/lb
Bulk Meat
   Bison by the Side 2.75/lb

* All orders will comfirmed by telephone * All prices subject to change without notice.

When buying your meat products in bulk, such as a half or a quarter, it can sometimes lead to some confusion about how it works and what you get.

At Lost River Bison we want to make it clear to our customers what the process is when you buy Bison by the half or quarter. We have come up with some comparisons to illustrate the cost of buying bulk meat.

for an example and cost comparison of buying by the side.

for an example and cost comparison of buying by the Quarter.

Keywords: bulk meat, Meat, steak