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By: Sitecm  09-12-2011
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We don't believe that one size fits all. We offer several content management packages in order to help you efficiently and cost effectively communicate with your audience.

You are short on time, rich in ideas, and have clear objectives for your organization. Our solutions are clear, allowing you to confidently budget for your website, and know that there will be no surprises along the way. In this Web 2.0 day and age, your website can and should be your most powerful business tool for connecting with your audience. Let us help you find the right package to suit your needs.

SiteCM Solo

Our entry level CMS, SiteCM Solo allows you to pick and choose the size of your site and the features you need. Perfect for an individual or small team to start and grow their web strategy. Buy what you need when you need it. 

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Great for a small business with big plans, SiteCM Lite is the smallest full-featured version of SiteCM CMS. Start with 1 Content Owner, 50 web pages, and all of the Premium Features you need for a truly engaging web site. Upgrade easily as you grow. 

For any organization with a more complex business or more information to share, SiteCM Standard comes with 2 Content Owners and up to 250 pages. Perfect for bilingual web sites.

Need a larger site?  We can do that too! Contact us for details on SiteCM Enterprise and SiteCM Corporate.


Keywords: Content Management, web site

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SiteCM Lite Professional CMS || SiteCM Content Management System (SaaS

Whether you need to keep customers and business partners up to date, showcase your expertise or generate leads, SiteCM Lite can help. Build an informative and easy to use site complete with full text indexing and a powerful search so visitors can find what they need. With 50 pages and all Premium Features, SiteCM Lite provides a great foundation for any web strategy.


Solo || SiteCM Content Management System (SaaS

SiteCM Solo gives you the flexibility and features you need to grow your web strategy. SiteCM Solo is a good CMS choice for almost any business. With SiteCM Solo you pay for only the features you need. Update your News and generate an RSS feed.


Standard || SiteCM Content Management System (SaaS

With a Multi-User version of SiteCM you can assign your Content Owners control over specific sections of your site to distribute authority, or retain launch control with a single Administrator. Easily add additional Content Owners and get them up to speed quickly with the confidence that they all receive the same training and toll free support from our professional support team.


SiteCM Licensing || SiteCM Content Management System (SaaS

The Support Contract is an annual cost equivalent to 20% of your License and any additional features or components added during the year. Traditional Licensing for SiteCM CMS has three components: License, Hosting, and Annual Support Contract. SiteCM Solo Licenses include the Foundation and two Premium Features. It is due starting on the anniversary of your launch. The License is a one time cost due prior to launch.